Cynthia Rowley, Met Gala Secret Agent

The painfully glamorous Met Gala is one of the most exclusive, covetable parties in the world. Every year, without fail, the Gala leaves fashionistas of all ages gasping, imitating, and plotting ways to get an official invite so they don't have to sneak in through the kitchen again. It's full of high-profile snubs, fashion disasters, and endlessly beautiful gowns, and it all takes place under the watchful eye of Anna Wintour.

Which is why it's so hilarious when someone does something disruptive at the Met Gala — it's like a kid acting up during Easter service. Who would have guessed that this year's rebel would be Cynthia Rowley? The 56-year-old designer — who, for what it's worth, looks gorgeously 40 at the most — cut a hole in her sparkly little clutch and used a Go-Pro camera to tape the event from waist-level. Who knows why Rowley felt like infiltrating the Gala with un-Wintour-approved documentation — perhaps a childlike sense of fun is the secret to her amazing looks? — but the result is an adorably blurry, sideways peek inside the most glamorous event of the year, put together, as per the video, by Cynthia Rowley, "Secret Agent."

I watched it several times to search for hidden meetings — Illuminati symbols, a shot of Wintour dragging Kendall Jenner out by her hair, etc. — but it looks like the video is just pure fun, frothy gowns, and champagne. Wish we were there.

It starts out with Rowley "setting her bag down for a second" AKA TAKING A VIDEO SELFIE.

Her camera then proceeded to creep real hard for a second or two.

But she did manage to capture some amazing shots, like this one of Dita Von Teese graciously chatting with what we can only assume is a horde of salivating photographers.

And the moment when Karolina Kurkova literally cleans something off Dree Hemingway's face.

Bill Cunningham's like "Are you serious? I've been secretly videotaping all of you for decades."

That's Lena Dunham running barefoot down a hall full of priceless art, as only a Millennial can do.

AND THIS IS CHARLIZE. We only see a portion of her gown for a blurry second or two, because we're not worthy of anything more.

Champagne was what you might call the unofficial theme of the night.

Donatella Versace chatted it up near to an unidentified older woman in fantastic fringe (not Liza Minnelli, I checked).

That awkward moment when your friends realize you've been creeping on them for hours. Want more Met Gala tomfoolery? Check out the video in its entirety below.