Who Said It, Connie Britton or Leslie Knope? They're More Similar Than You Think

Fans of Parks & Rec and Friday Night Lights have long known that Leslie Knope and Tami Taylor are two of the best feminist role models ever on TV. Yet over the past few years, it's been a pleasant surprise to realize that the women behind them are just as awesome — particularly, Connie Britton (if only because we've been bowing down to Amy Poehler forever). As much as Knope and Taylor have in common (fulfilling jobs, supportive husbands, great hair) it's actually Britton, we've learned, who shares the most similarities with Parks' main heroine. Need some proof? Take our quiz, below:

Round 1: Meeting Michelle Obama

Both Connie Britton and Leslie Knope have met Michelle Obama. Whose overwhelmed quote is whose?

A) "I do agree with you. I agree with you on all things throughout history and through the end of time forever.... I'm sorry I'm talking so loud. I'm getting louder now and I can't stop. My apologies."

B) "Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, and and and you know, this this, 'cause, 'cause the situation."

Answer: A) is Leslie, after running into the First Lady in a hallway. She may have screamed her answers, but at least she used her words, unlike Britton, who met Obama while visiting the White House.

Round 2: Causing This Awkward Michelle Obama Response

Since neither woman's comments were exactly eloquent, Michelle Obama's replies were less than enthusiastic, to say the least. Which starstruck lady earned each reaction?

A) "Yeah, well...," followed by a very awkward high five.

B) "You're sweet."

Answer: A) is Leslie. The First Lady didn't look too upset to have to say goodbye a few moments later. With Britton, the actress' attempts to try "so hard to sound smart" didn't go over as well as she might've hoped.

Round 3: Swooning Over Their (TV) Husbands

Leslie's love for Ben Wyatt might be real while Britton's (as Tami) feelings about Coach Taylor are (sadly) solely made for TV, but both women's comments sound pretty heartfelt to us. Who said what?

A) "___ is a kind and decent man. And he's strong, he has vision, and he's passionate."

B) "____ was the best thing that came out of this crap town."

Answer: A) is Britton (well, Tami). With comments like those, it's hard to believe that she and Kyle Chandler aren't actually a couple in real life.

Round 4: Loving Friday Night Lights

Both women think Friday Night Lights is the best. Both women are correct. But who said which comment?

A) "The correct answer for favorite TV show is Friday Night Lights."

B) "Everywhere we go, people come up and tell us how much they love the show and how much it’s impacted them."

Answer: A) is Knope. Okay, this was an easy one — there's barely any quotes out there with Britton commenting on FNL without it being clear that she was an integral part of the cast. Still, it wouldn't be surprising to hear the ever-passionate Leslie talk about the series as if she helped make it happen.

Round 5: Discussing Their Hair

Britton's hair may be the famous one, but Leslie's locks are pretty impressive, as well. Whose quote is whose?

A) "Every day people compliment me on it."

B) "It took me four years to find the right hair dresser and we still fight."

Answer: A) is Britton. Who could blame them?

Round 6: Being Praised By Their Co-Workers

Knope's positive personality and commitment to her job is the premise of Parks & Rec, but according to Britton's co-workers, the actress' likability and work ethic could give the government employee some real competition. Which actress is the recipient of each co-worker's statement?

A) "____ has no bullshit. It’s all out in front. She’s a very sweet person, very intelligent, very witty."

B) "You're like a ninja crossed with a Jedi or something."

Answer: No big surprise, A) is about Britton, said by Chandler. Although how great would it be if he'd called her a Jedi?

Round 7: Standing Up For Small Towns

Britton may hail from Boston, but her TV town, Dillon, is as tiny as Leslie Knope's Pawnee. Who said which proud, patriotic quote?

A) "___ is a classic American town filled with hard-working, middle-class Americans, who just want to lead productive, healthy lives."

B) "The only thing I'm guilty of is loving _____."

Answer: A) is Britton, said in a letter asking Mitt Romney what the women of Dillon, Texas would think about his use of their slogan, "clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose."

Round 8: Supporting Feminism

The two women are both vocal about their feminism, and not shy about making that known, as shown in Britton's Romney letter and, well, every single Parks & Rec episode. Whose feminist quote is whose?

A) "If we women make ourselves aware of the issues and make our voices heard, we most certainly cannot lose."

B) "I guess some people object to powerful depictions of awesome ladies."

Answer: A) is Britton, but both women's statements are equally amazing.

Round 9: Being a Boss

And finally, which women said each badass quote?

A) "I took your idea and I made it better."

B) "I'm right 100% of the time."

Answer: A) is Knope (and Britton's quote is really Tami's, but we all know it applies to the actress, as well). Really, though, you'd be dumb not to listen to both women's advice, because each of them, fictional or not, is an incredible role model for women. Keep on being you, ladies.