Jenna & Her Boyfriend's Epic Matching Hair

While we wait to hear whether or not Southern Charm gets a second season — seriously, can they just let us know already — how about we check in with one of the show's stars, Jenna King, and see what she's up to? As we know, while season one was being filmed, Jenna was in a relationship with a mysterious man named Lou. On the "Secrets Revealed" special, Lou was finally shown, but by the time it aired, Jenna had already moved on to a new guy. Jenna King is now dating Ronnie Radke, the lead singer of the band Falling in Reverse. Jenna seems to be madly in love with Ronnie and this is great news for fans as well because the two have the same haircut and it's pretty entertaining.

Jenna does not shy away from posting photos of her everyday life on Instagram and I don't blame her seeing as her everyday life involves traveling around the world and hanging out with her adorable puppy. She also doesn't mind posting pictures of her boyfriend meaning we get to see their matching mohawk-ish hairstyles (what is this 'do really called?) in action.

Here are some of Jenna and Ronnie's best matching hair pics.

There's Chillin' on the steps hair

Her boyfriend does her hair hair

Jenna captioned this one, "So glad my boyfriend is my hairdresser #radking#Twinz #Belgium bound ya heard @ronnieinreverse #southerncharm."

Stickers on the face hair

Matching hair visits Fox News Hair

Couples cupping treatment hair

Posing By this random fence hair

Cold weather hair

She wears so much black. How was she on Southern Charm without everyone giving her a "We're taking you shopping for pink polo shirts" intervention? Maybe it'll happen in season two.

And Windswept Ocean Breeze hair

This one sells the whole partially bald thing the best. That would feel so refreshing!

Images: Jenna King/Instagram