Kids' Reactions to Avril Lavigne's "Hello Kitty" Video Will Restore Your Faith in the Future — VIDEO

Kids can do and can like some pretty strange things: they play with and/or eat bugs, they willingly get their clothes dirty on the regular, and they gleefully watch mind-numbing cartoons at an ear-shattering volume. But even kids have a line that can be crossed, and that line is Avril Lavigne's "Hello Kitty" music video. You know the one: the K-Pop inspired disaster that, if you made it through the first minute, was not only totally ridiculous and embarrassing (you are almost 30-years-old, Avril), but pretty racist, too.

Anyway, the Internet had a field day with the video, and rightly so, but none of the reactions have been quite as funny or on-point as when a group of children dissected it in the "Kids React" online series. After all, kids may be gross and loud and weird at times, but they also definitely have no filter.

The latest installment finds a group of hilarious, opinionated youngsters, aged 6 to 13, watching Lavigne's "Hello Kitty" in various states of horror, confusion, disgust, shock, and giggly amusement. Among the gems while viewing the clip: "I have no words," "Is it me or do the lyrics not make sense?," and "This is freaking me out." Our personal favorite contributor, however, goes to 12-year-old Dylan who all too depressingly summed it up: "This is the evolution of music right here."

While the consensus from the kiddos was that the video was "weird" and "awkward," the girls seemed to tolerate "Hello Kitty" a little bit more than the boy viewers. They also had mixed opinions on whether the video was actually racist and what in the world the song is actually about.

Watch the delightfully honest and funny "Kids React" clip here:

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Image: FBE/Youtube