Drake Bell Hates Justin Bieber Even More After Cellphone Incident & He Kinda Has a Point

So, this shouldn't be too surprising, but Drake Bell slammed Justin Bieber yet again. Bell was apparently miffed at the whole Bieber-robbery thing, or hmm, maybe he's just ready for Bieber to get deported, because Bell has really had it up to here with this stuff. Normally, former Nickelodeon star Bell is particularly eye-roll inducing, but at times like this, I'm more like, "PREACH!"

Bell took to Twitter to express his frustration, as one does whenever there are frustrating feelings that can be expressed in 140 characters or less. He tweeted an article about Bieber's attempted cellphone robbery at a golf course (pause to LOL at Bieber golfing), and added his own comments: "When will it end??!! Are we really STILL putting up with this?!" Draaaamaaaaa.

Now, had that not been attached to that article about Bieber, I might have assumed Drake Bell was tweeting about some sort of larger beast that threatens society like global warming or unwarranted assaults based on gender or sexual orientation, but no. Bell was tweeting about The Problem That Is Justin Bieber.

This, of course, is just another play in their hate-game. Remember when Bieber crashed Bell's album release party? (OHHH!) And Bell has frequently spoken out against pop stars, specifically targeting Bieber (OHHHH!). Bell is usually as a little too hostile for my taste — I've suggested that he take up yoga previously — but he's got a point: another day, another Bieber scandal.

But what these two boys really need is an olive branch. Maybe that little Twitter bird could send one?