'Bachelorette' Andi Dorfman's Strong Attitude Will Make This a Shame-Free Season to Watch

Pour yourself some wine and get out your bracket because another season of The Bachelorette starts tonight. Whether you're a longtime fan or a Bachelor Nation newcomer, it's likely you've experienced a bit of the stigma of shame that comes with liking this reality dating show. Perhaps you watch it because you really want to see Andi fall in love, or you really like making fun of it, or for a combination of those two things, but whatever draws you to ABC on Monday nights, we're here to say you don't need to be ashamed of watching this season and it's all because of Bachelorette Andi Dorfman.

We've known for awhile that Andi is probably going to provide a better season to watch than Juan Pablo. She's smart and empathetic and she's also a really strong woman, something host Chris Harrison seems really excited about.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Harrison dished about our new Bachelorette calling her "easily our most accomplished, business-minded woman that we’ve ever had on the show and maybe even period, Bachelor or Bachelorette." That's high praise from the show's host and it bodes well for a season you won't feel bad about watching, because we could all use some more strong women on television. With Andi it seems like that's exactly what we'll get. "She’s an incredibly strong business woman and takes it very seriously, and she’s really good at it," Harrison gushed, probably just happy that he doesn't have to pretend to like the contestant this season.

Andi's strong nature was put on display during her time on Juan Pablo's season when she decided she'd had enough of his playboy behavior. She didn't quietly stick it out or even slink off the show without saying goodbye. Instead she confronted JP and talked about how she felt.

JP of course wasn't having any of it and later told the cameras that he wasn't interested in arguing with a lawyer. That was probably in his best interest as Harrison said badass attorney Andi is bringing that side to her own season too.

You’ll see that approach in everything she does on the show. It was refreshing to go through this with someone who is very business-like and understands that it does take work, and it is hard ... She was able to keep her lawyer hat on and be professional and deal with it meticulously, but at the same time, kind of give herself up to the process, which I was really impressed with. It’s not an easy combination.

To see a powerful woman take on a dating show like this will hopefully change the face of how this season is perceived which means you can maybe watch in peace. But if people make fun of you just show them the scene where Andi confronts Juan Pablo and they'll be on your side in a heartbeat. As Chris Harrison puts it, "She’s the type of person that I think girls will want to be friends with, and women will want to root for, and guys will want to be with her."

Andi's overall attitude makes for the perfect combination of great reality show and a viewing experience you won't feel shameful about. Watch her meet her group of 25 (slightly odd) guys tonight on the season premiere.

Image: ABC; Bustle