While everyone is freaking out about where the Kimye wedding ceremony will take place (Florence? Versailles? Mars One?), there's only one question I want answered: who will design The Dress? Now, thanks to "reports" we have a hunch! Kim Kardashian might be getting married in Vera Wang.

Vera Wang (who was my commencement speaker almost exactly one year ago, FYI) basically pumps out stunning wedding gowns in her sleep, so the choice wouldn't be very surprising. According to StyleCaster,

The Vogue cover girl will make a “huge, chic fashion statement” in a Vera Wang gown, sources said, after months of “grueling” diet and exercise to be in the best possible shape on the day of her third wedding.

So nothing about this rumor is very concrete. Mysterious "sources" are never the most reliable, well, sources. But Wang is a close friend of the Kardashians, and the designer did create the three dresses Kim Kardashian sported at her 2011 wedding to Kris Humphries. Wang told Us Weekly that she's sure Kardashian's wedding gown will be "a momentous fashion statement." Since Vogue will be exclusively covering the Kimye wedding brunch, you know Kardashian had better make the whole thing a stylish affair or Anna Wintour might stop calling.

We still have no idea Kardashian will rock Vera at her (Italian? French? Outer-space?) nuptial ceremony, but speculating sure is fun! Personally, if I were Kardashian, I'd want to avoid wearing the same designer to my first and second weddings because I'm superstitious. However, I'm not her and haven't been married at all yet, so hey, Vera...wanna design my future wedding dress? Please?