'Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice' Needs a Better Title That Twitter Is All Too Happy to Give It

Considering the negative fan reaction that still lingers over Ben Affleck being cast as Batman in the upcoming Batman V. Superman movie, it should come as no surprise that fans would also find an issue with the title as well. The Batman V. Superman portion led to courtroom jokes across the Twitterverse while the subheading, Dawn of Justice, was the subject of numerous puns. Naturally, when given the opportunity to offer their own rewrites of the title by late night comedy show @midnight, fans had #BetterBatmanSuperman trending within the hour.

Considering how the superhero craze has yet to show signs of fading right now, it can seem almost surprising how quickly people who have every intention of buying tickets to the movie when it comes out are to criticize it at every turn. Then again, it's less of a surprise than one might think. After all, combining diehard Superman fans with diehard Batman fans was basically creating an army of people with different views on comic book canon that would be hard to completely please.

Despite that, the criticism over the title is more hilarious than it is inexplicable. Sure, most of the titles that people are coming up with are completely nonsensical and, occasionally, even worse than the title they're meant to be replacing, but some of them are pretty good, if not better than Dawn of Justice. According to the Internet, it wouldn't really take much to be better than Dawn of Justice at this point.

As long as there has been a Batman and a Superman, there have been a section of fans interpreting their opposites attract bromance in a more romantic light. This potential title is a little more wordy than another similar tweet suggesting "Brokeback Fortress of Solitude", but it's a lot less likely to get the movie sued for copyright infringement.

The most painfully accurate title that the movie could achieve is also the most unlikely, but, hey, a fan can dream. After all, it's not like Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice isn't already a mouthful. What's a little more, especially when it calls out Hollywood's gender biases?

This tweet forgot to mention the part where the Joker dresses up like Madeia. After all, he was certainly rocking that nurse's outfit in The Dark Knight and if anyone can give Tyler Perry a run for his over-the-top comedy money, it's the Joker.

The best kind of titles are the ones that are also painfully true. Nothing bonds two superheroes together like dead parents, am I right? And then this version of the movie could lead in to a Justice League film where all of the superheroes are played by Tatiana Maslany.

This would leave the door open for a prequel sequel called "Men in Tights", in which we get to watch Batman and Superman in their separate corners of the world first deciding that nothing would make crime fighting easier or more fun than a nice pair of tights.

Let's be honest with ourselves here. Basically every movie that DC is coming out with or will be coming out with can have this title. Until they actually emulate the success of The Avengers or, in a real twist, surpass it, then they can pretty much title every script-in-progress this way.

Enough said.

Image: DC Comics