'Hannibal's Alana Bloom Could Take Down The Titular Cannibal In The Season 2 Finale

Season 2 of Hannibal ends this Friday, and everyone is dying to know — who will take down Hannibal Lecter? Jack Crawford? Will Graham? Alana Bloom? Most people probably assume it'll be Will, who knows firsthand what Hannibal is and the lengths he'll go to to avoid detection, but frankly, it should be Alana. Much like Margot deserved to kill her brother Mason, Alana deserves to get her revenge on Hannibal after everything he put her through.

Yes, Hannibal put Will through a lot as well, but, despite the wishes of many Fannibals, he never charmed his way into his his little guinea pig's embrace. Hannibal not only convinced her (and everyone else) that he's not a cannibalistic murderer, but turned her against Will and bedded her (a major offense even considering how dreamy Mads Mikkelsen is) — all that on top of feeding people to her. Major party foul.

Sadly, we won't know for sure just how Hannibal will meet his downfall until the episode airs, but here's why Alana might be at the forefront of it.

Alana's Got a Gun

As we've previously mentioned, in the first promo for Season 2, we see Alana pointing the gun Will gave her at a bloodied-up Hannibal, who was clearly either mid- or post-fight with Jack. Obviously she doesn't kill Hannibal, because then what would Season 3 (and the four subsequent seasons we hopefully get) be about?

It's more likely that if Alana does end up pulling the trigger it'll be to incapacitate a fully Hulked-out, rage monster Hannibal. Part of her will no doubt want to kill Hannibal — considering the crushed look on her face once she sees thought-to-be-dead Freddie Lounds is alive and kicking, she's probably got a fair amount of rage built up herself.

And Then There's Will...

Would anyone even hold it against her? Will might. As much as he wants to see Lecter behind bars, as much as he might fantasize about murdering the doctor, it's hard to deny the two have a bond. When all is said and done Will wouldn't necessarily take very well the death of what's arguably the one person who really understands him.

The real question is: Will Alana get to pull the trigger, or will she take down Hannibal in another way? Margot didn't get to kill her brother, though she managed to get some justice in the end. Something tells us Alana will as well, even if it's not in a way we're expecting.

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