If 'Mad Men's "Megan Dies" Theories Are False, Here's What We Think Season 7 Holds For Mrs. Draper

Megan will be murdered by the Manson Family. Unless she dies in a plane crash. No, that's impossible because Megan's already dead. Believe it or not, these are all popular theories swirling around the fate of Mrs. Draper. No one can seem to agree on exactly how she'll will die, but the one thing all these speculations have in common is that Megan will be in a body bag by the end of the final season of AMC's Mad Men.

Somehow these rumors persist despite showrunner Matthew Weiner firmly debunking them several times. But hey, we get it: Megan Draper isn't exactly the most beloved character in the show's history. And no matter what Weiner says, the fact remains that he does keep teasing us with subtle connections between Megan and Manson victim Sharon Tate. But if we take him at his word and assume that Megan won't be dropping dead anytime soon, then the question remains... What will Megan be up to for the rest of the season?

Her relationship with Don has been shaky for a while now. (Heck, it's been shaky ever since his hasty proposal in the Season 4 finale.) Will the troubled couple stick it out? Will they split up? Will Megan find success as an actress? Here are a few predictions of what Megan will be up to in the final half of Season 7.

Megan divorces Don.

History has a tendency to repeat itself. Don's failure to learn from his past could likely result in his second wife taking after his first and slapping him with divorce papers. I mean, how much more are we expected to believe Megan will put up with? They live on opposite coasts, he lied to her about losing his job, he's cheated on her multiple times... It's actually kind of a miracle that they're still together, isn't it? Megan desperately needs to make a change in her life before she finds herself destroyed by an unhappy marriage and an unhealthy reliance on a man who has never been 100 percent committed to her.

Megan and Don live happily ever after.

Then again, maybe divorce is too predictable of an outcome for this mismatched pair. What would be more surprising than Megan and Don not only staying together... but being happy about it? After all, shouldn't we be hoping that by the end of the show, Don Draper will have changed at least a little bit? What would be the point of seven seasons of misery if Don just ends up as alone and miserable as ever? Sure, that might be a fitting punishment for this selfish, womanizing cad, but wouldn't it be more cathartic to finally see him evolve into a better version of himself? Since their Season 4 engagement, Megan has proved resilient to Don's predictably unpredictable personality. Perhaps she'll turn out to be the perfect match for him, and the spouses will find some semblance of happiness together before Mad Men closes its doors.

Megan becomes Don 2.0.

Even if Megan and Don don't get divorced, there's a darker alternative to them simply living happily ever after. Maybe Megan never separates herself from Don, but instead slowly finds herself transforming into a second version of her husband. It would certainly be an interesting twist to see Don's toxic personality poison his own formerly bright and bubbly wife. She's already halfway there — distracting herself from her personal troubles by immersing herself in work, wild parties, and meaningless sex. (That threesome!) How much more dysfunction can Megan take from her distant husband before she becomes a full-out philandering drunk just like him?

Megan's got a bun in the oven.

Whether Megan and Don split up or stay together, there's one very distinct possibility for Mrs. Draper: she's pregnant. Remember when Don visited L.A. in the Season 6 episode "A Tale of Two Cities" and had a hashish-induced hallucination in which Megan told him she was pregnant? Maybe that vision is about to come true — it certainly wouldn't be the first time Don has had a prophetic dream. In Season 4's "The Suitcase," Don dreamt of Anna Draper, suitcase in hand, just before he received news of her death. And in the same hashish hallucination, Megan informed Don that she lived in Los Angeles... several episodes before she actually moved there. Surely it's only a matter of time before her second dream revelation turns out to be true. But will the baby be Don's? Or will it be the product of a love affair Megan carries out in his absence?

Megan dies.

Okay, we just can't let this one go — there are far too many clues pointing towards Megan's imminent demise to ignore them all. First there was that shirt (pictured above) that Sharon Tate wore before she was murdered by the Mason Family... and that was when Megan still lived in Manhattan. Now she's an actress living in Los Angeles in an isolated house in the Hollywood Hills, just like Tate. It's 1969 on the show, the same year that Tate was murdered. Megan spoke to Don on a bright green phone similar to one that Tate reportedly owned. Sally was reading Rosemary's Baby, which was adapted into a film by Tate's husband Roman Polanski. Said husband was absent during the murders, off shooting a film in London; likewise, Megan's husband is absent, off working in New York. Peggy was seen making Folger's coffee; Abigail Folger, heiress to the coffee fortune, was an unfortunate houseguest of Tate who was also killed on that infamous night. And Tate was pregnant when she was murdered, just like we predict Megan is/will be. Either Matthew Weiner is trolling us hard, or he's meticulously laying the groundwork for a shocking death.

And even if Megan does manage to evade death-by-home-invaders, there are plenty of other ways she could die. Like in a plane crash, for example. The last episode before Sunday's midseason finale ended with Megan sitting on a plane... and the stewardess pointedly closing the dividing curtains. Could this mean curtains for Megan? Has Weiner been teasing us with the Sharon Tate connections this whole time just so we wouldn't see a plane crash coming? After all, a plane did crash while departing JFK in the summer of 1969, resulting in fatalities. Maybe Megan will kick the bucket even sooner than we thought...

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