One Direction's Harry Styles Pantsed Piers Morgan, Probably Did It For the Vine

Harry Styles, better known as That One from One Direction with all the Hair and the Girlfriends, might be trying to break out of that image a little bit. After all, if Louis Tomlinson's recent photographs are anything to go by, there's a good chance that Styles won't be the one with all the hair soon enough. And considering the fact that Styles can't breathe in the direction of a female before speculation runs rampant that he's dating her, he won't be the one with all the girlfriends for very long either. Luckily, Styles appears to have found a new gimmick and it's kind of amazing. When Harry Styles pulled down Piers Morgan's pants at a charity soccer tournament on Monday, he was making a statement to the world. That statement was I am Harry Styles, serial pantser, hear me roar.

Alright, so pulling down one person's pants does not a serial pantser make. However, the action did manage to make Styles a leading man on Vine for the second time since Harry Styles pulled down his own pants in Brazil to show off a tattoo. In fact, considering it was only three weeks ago that Harry Styles and pants were co-starring in a Vine video, that seems like more than enough to turn this into a pattern.

Of course, it can be argued that Styles didn't actually pull his pants all the way down in Rio de Janeiro, instead only moving the fabric enough to show off the tattoo on his pelvis for a few seconds before every preteen girl in the audience could finish passing out. When Styles ran up to Morgan, those shorts nearly hit the ground. If I were the other members of One Direction, or just anyone who hasn't invested in a very sturdy belt, then I would be very, very afraid of the level of speed and dexterity Styles brings to his pantsing.

Piers Morgan took the entire incident in enough stride to retweet a link to the vine video on his Twitter, but any crazed Morgan fans who might be hoping for Styles to get his comeuppance one of these days need not worry. Styles has been taken out by a member of his own band before, back in 2013 when Liam Payne pulled down his jeans during Styles' solo at their concert. Someone else will surely take their revenge on him eventually.

At least now we know that if the whole boy band thing doesn't work out, Styles could have a very healthy career as a Vine star. Whether that's a step up or a step down from starring in the movie based on a Harry Styles fanfiction is really for him to decide.

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