Sharleen's Wise 'Bachelorette' Predictions

If you watched The Bachelor last season, then you are already familiar with Sharleen Joynt. For the uninitiated, Sharleen is an opera singer who had palpable chemistry with Juan Pablo Galavis (she thought he was hot, they loved making out), but could not get past the fact that they didn't connect on an intellectual level. This is why you should take Sharleen Joynt's Bachelorette winner predictions seriously. She is wise, the most normal contestant in Bachelor/ette history, and she's friends with Andi Dorfman. In fact, she even appeared on the most recent episode along with Kelly the Dog Lover and got to see the suitors' ridiculous striptease performance.

So who does Sharleen think is going to make it to the end? Sharleen wrote about her predictions for Flare and she sees Chris, Marcus, Nick V., and Eric making it far in the competition. Sharleen says she can see the show's formula and notes that "Eric and Chris are this season’s Clare and Kat, and they will certainly go far." She also pointed out how both Andi and Juan Pablo's seasons had a contestant drink excessively and get kicked off. "Craig is this season’s Victoria, the second episode’s drunken mess."

Sharleen sees these four men making it far in the competition because they all proved their authenticity in some way. Chris is able to "say cliché things like, 'I’m here for the right reasons' and come off 100% authentic." Marcus was the perfect combination of "sexy and self-deprecating" during his solo strip act. Nick V. won Sharleen over with his thoughtful "fourth date" questions and because he recognized the fact that they were topics that would usually come up further down the road. As for Eric, everyone knows about the tragedy to come, but as far as his time of the show goes, Sharleen thinks he's a "total breath of fresh air" particularly because he admitted that he wasn't sure about marriage until recently.

If Sharleen's predictions are correct, it would mean that Andi does a great job of weeding out the phonies, something that is key to this show. Andi proved when she dumped Juan Pablo that she isn't willing to settle or give into the way the show is supposed to happen. "The right reasons" is quite possibly the corniest phrase in television, but if Sharleen's right, Andi knows how to find the men who are there for those reasons and because of it just might end up as one of the show's success stories.

Image: ABC