NBC's 'Undateable' Cast & 9 Other Sitcom Characters You Wouldn't Dream of Dating

On Thursday, May 29 the new sitcom Undateable hits NBC, bringing with it a brand new group of, well, undateable characters. From Bill Lawrence (the man behind comedies we've fallen in love with, including Cougar Town and Scrubs), the sitcom follows single friends who all have different views of dating...none of which have seemed to work in their favor thus far. While Danny (Chris D’Elia) fits the Barney Stinson, women-chasing prototype, leading man Justin (Brett Morin) takes a much more timid approach to dating. Throw in their dorky and/or desperate friends and you've got the undateables in Undateable.

Of course, the romantically-stunted crew of Undateable are hardly the first sitcom characters that, despite of or in spite of their personalities, you wouldn't dream of dating. So before back-to-back episodes of Undateable debut at 9 p.m. on NBC, we wanted to look back and not-so-fondly reflect on the sitcom characters that seem like they would be a nightmare to get a cup of coffee with, let alone become your significant other. From Dennis on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia to Kramer on Seinfeld, we've picked the most undateable characters from comedies. (We promise you're not as horrendous as these duds, Undateable dudes.)

Dennis from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

None of the characters on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia are even remotely dateable, but we give the edge to the always-sketchy, womanizing Dennis who created the sexist, soul-destroying D.E.N.N.I.S. System. Yes, he's a really good looking guy, but he's got a dirty, dark soul. Not worth it...ever.

Barney from How I Met Your Mother

You thought the D.E.N.N.I.S. System was bad? (It was.) Just wait until you get a load of Barney's Playbook. This suave, suit-wearing perpetual (well, most of the time) bachelor may be easy on the eyes, but he did some truly deplorable things to women and somehow it got played off as hilarious and eventually endearing. The absolute worst kind of bro.

Kramer from Seinfeld

Much like the It’s Always Sunny gang, no one on Seinfeld was truly “sponge-worthy,” but at least George, Jerry, and Elaine were — for the most part — gainfully employed. You definitely couldn’t say that about Kramer. Not only would this be a guy that constantly hangs around your place, but he'd mooch of all your best cereals. Deal breaker among so many other deal breakers.

Schmidt from New Girl

Completely self-absorbed, a cheater with intimacy issues, and a body-obsessed maniac with his own lingering body image, Schmidt may have a good heart under all of those exhausting layers, but it's not worth digging through all the much to get to it.

Dennis from 30 Rock

A beeper salesman who appeared on To Catch a Predator and does everything in his power to make your life a living hell? Stay away at all costs, dummy.

Gob from Arrested Development

The fact that Gob's amateur magic tricks (sorry, illusions) aren't the worst thing about him should tell you everything you need to know about why the selfish, clueless Gob be insufferable to date. Seriously, between Gob and Barney Stinson, it's probably just best to stay away from any guy that has literal and metaphorical tricks up his sleeve.

Ryan from The Office

He perpetually kept Kelly (you deserved better, Mindy Kaling) on the back burner, despite the fact that he had feelings for her, Ryan was the worst possible kind of office crush. He was full of himself, entirely void of any self-awareness, and desperately wanted to be cool while looking like a major tool in the process. (And yet Michael Scott somehow earned everyone's disdain?) Hard pass.

Jack from Sex and the City

Everybody gives Mr. Big a hard time (and rightly so) but Jack Berger was way more undateable than him. At least Big was charming! Jack was nothing more than a whiny, insecure wet blanket who would rather break up with a girl on a post-it than give their relationship a real shot.

Ross from Friends

Seriously, have we not mentioned what a horror show Ross was?

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