Check Out Their Acting Debut

Kendall and Kylie Jenner sure have a way of making you feel like you've done absolutely nothing with your life. Neither of the girls are out of their teens yet and they're already richer than we'll ever be, on a hit reality TV show, and have tried their hands at everything from fashion design to modeling. Kendall and Kylie even have a young adult novel in the works, as if their already busy lifestyles are still too boring from them to avoid adding more accomplishments. Now they can officially add acting to their resumes, if Kendall and Kylie's promo clip for the MuchMusic Video Awards is any indication.

The Jenner sisters appear in a horror movie spoof, pranking one another with increasingly ridiculous scare tactics. Kendall walks into a room to see Kylie faking her bloody death on the floor and then retaliates later by coming up behind Kylie with a chainsaw that she proceeds to turn on and shake from side to side. Neither of them are very impressed by these tricks. To be perfectly honest, if the Jenner sisters are hoping to progress into actual acting, this should probably not be their audition tape. Their reactions are stiff and a little unbelievable and it was all too clear that they were only in this for the fun rather than "for the art".

The MuchMusic Video Awards is particularly important for Kendall since this is her chance to redeem herself. Her first solo hosting gig was infamously fumbled, when Kendall misread the teleprompter at the Billboard Music Awards and opened herself up to all of the "she can't read" jokes the Internet had to offer. In that respect, at least, Kendall is taking the right step toward making up for it. The promo gives Kendall and Kylie a chance to show off their sense of humor, prove they're capable of laughing at themselves, and holds a silent message that award shows are really not that serious.

As a serious acting debut, however, the promo definitely falls flat. Check it out for yourself below.