'The Bachelorette' Pantsapreneur's Clothing Designs Are Perfect for These 9 Occasions

If you are a member of Bachelor/Bachelorette Nation, you most certainly know who JJ O’Brien is. Okay, perhaps you are a member of Bachelor/Bachelorette Nation who is terrible with names (you and me both, pal), and "JJ" doesn't ring a bell. Allow me to jog your memory: JJ is the Pantsapreneur extraordinaire vying for Bachelorette Andi Dorfman's affection. Ah, yes. The ol' Pantsapreneur! So what does the Pantsapreneur do? He makes pants (and vests and tee shirts) for hem/\haus, his clothing line/"creative gateway." A few things come to mind when I look at Hem House, er, hem/\haus clothing, and they are as follows: “colorful,” "fun," “furry,” "Millennial club kid," “party pants,” "'70s," “glowstick,” "dizzy," “rave couture," and "couch."

According to the site, the apparel is “for a life less ordinary.” I can see that.

Say you purchase some articles of clothing from hem/\haus, but you wish to wear said articles of clothing on the days you aren’t raving. You know, on the less less ordinary days. When and where else can you wear hem/\haus?

On first glance, the hem/\haus threads might seem to be a little intense. They might seem a little too fun for real life. But that is not the case: There are plenty of perfect non-party occasions to floss hem/\haus.

The Derby Daze Pant

These look like the beach. Wear 'em to the beach. The soft blues and taupes will blend in with the surroundings quite nicely. Might even work as beach camouflage.

The Gummy/\Vest in Teddy

Why wouldn't you wear this to Build-A-Bear workshop?

The Red/\Sophia Pant

These remind me of a bandana. Very country western-chic. You can totally wear them to a hoedown/square dance/rodeo. (Don't worry: Bulls aren't actually attracted to the color red.)

The Ready/\Eye/\Ready Pant In Giverny & The Ready/\Eye/\Ready Pant In Playa Dust

Take a look at the pockets on the Giverny pant:

And the pockets on the Playa Dust pant:

Say you have a BFF, but you don't want to wear BFF necklaces. This is the trouser version of BFF necklaces.

Gummy/\Vest in Pink/\Green

Having a bad day? Toss this vest on.

The Glow/\Republic Tic Tac Toe Tank Top

Wear this to any costume party. When someone asks you what you're supposed to be, say, "I'm a hashtag, ya n00b."

The Royal/\Diamonds Pant

These pants look like snakeskin and/or fish scales, so they'd be a neat-o choice for a day at the zoo, an aquarium, or even just a trip to the pet store to pick up some bird seed or whatever.

The Gummy/\Vest in White/\Orange

Before I read the item description, I thought, This would be the best thing to wear to a Chicago Bears game! Blue and orange! Alas, the lighting makes the vest look blue and orange. It is actually white and orange.

Eh, whatever. Wear it to a Bears game. It's still a bear vest.

The Glow/\Republic Crew Tee

This shirt comes with a keychain light and a laser pointer (I don't exactly understand how the shirt interacts with the keychain light or the laser pointer), but don't let that distract you. It's a white t-shirt. You can wear a white t-shirt almost anywhere.

Do not fear the hem/\haus, my friend. Do not fear it.

Images: ABC; hemhaus.com