Sorry Dominic Fans, Cat Didn't Marry a Dancer

by Laura Rosenfeld

Half of the reason we watch So You Think You Can Dance every week is for the show's lovely host Cat Deeley. She's beautiful. She's charming. She's not afraid to get a little kooky with the dancers on stage. And we will always say "jidges" right before she introduces Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, and company, thanks to her. Deeley waltzed right into our hearts with ease, so it's no surprise that the Brit was able to nab her own dance partner for life. And unfortunately, we're sorry to report that it's not Season 3 contestant Dominic Sandoval, who famously had a crush on Deeley.

The lucky man to put a ring on it is Patrick Kielty, an Irish comedian and TV and radio presenter in the U.K. The couple first met back in 2002 as co-hosts of the British reality show Fame Academy , which was kind of like a cross between American Idol and Big Brother (Can someone please export this show to the U.S.?). But it apparently took 10 years of friendship before they actually began dating.

Deeley and Kielty officially stepped out as a couple at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards in 2012. Shortly after, Deeley confirmed her relationship in an interview with Kelly Ripa, saying she had "finally seen the light" after being friends with Kielty for so many years.

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

And of course, every celeb couple has to have an official name, and the U.K. media lovingly refer to Deeley and Kielty as "PatCat" or "Catrick." But really, "KielDeel" would've worked just fine, too.

It seemed like just as we were getting used to Deeley and Kielty as an item, they went ahead and got married in a secret ceremony in Rome in late September 2012. Do all celebs get secretly married in Italy, or is it just us? The wedding took place in a small Catholic church near the Spanish steps and was followed by a giant feast. Ah, that's amore.

Since then, Deeley and Kielty have been doing the normal newlyweds thing, such as hitting up awards shows, hiking mountains, and riding trains, from what we can tell from her Instagram profile, at least. Deeley has even created her own nickname for Kielty: "Stu," which stands for "Stupid." Can't you just feel the love? The couple live in Los Angeles, but they're currently back in the U.K. for this weekend's Soccer Aid, a star-studded charity soccer match to support UNICEF in which Deeley will host and Kielty will play. The couple that plays together stays together, after all.

But now the question remains: Can we expect to see little PatCats and Catricks anytime soon? Seeing as how it took the couple 10 years to tie the knot, we're probably going to have to wait a bit longer for that.

Images: theleftyscissors/Tumblr; catdeeley/Instagram