The 'Big Brother' Doldrums: Why It's So Boring Right Now

There's a lot of words to describe the current season of Big Brother : fascinating, grotesque, and, of course, horrendously racists/sexist/homophobic/you name name it. Boring, on the other hand, hasn't really been a word associated with CBS' televised sociological experiment...that is, until the past few episodes.

Take for instance last night's brand new episode, in which Candace (pictured here, apparently posing for her 1991 mall tour as a pop star who digs the hell out of Jordache jean jackets, respect) came up with a new strategy, the most thrilling showmance moment came with Amanda and McCrae sitting in a bathtub in their bathing suits, Aaryn (who still found another little moment in the day to be racist) actually stuck to her word to put Spencer and Howard on the block, and — once again —Elissa managed to stay off it. It was all just so comfortably dumb.

Now, it's through no fault of the Season 15 cast: this is always the point where the show hits the brakes. It's after initial alliances have been made (and often broken), after the weak the threats, and the lunkheads like Jeremys have been weeded out, and before it actually feels like something is at stake. There are still too many floaters for the show to feel like it has its core group of possible winners.

It's usually not until the wonderful and wisecracking Zingbot comes in to razz the housemates that the show actually becomes fun again. Now, I want Aaryn out of the house just as bad as anyone else with a soul, but a small part of me desperately wants her to make it to the Zingbot episode if only to hear that brilliant robo-comedian lay into her for being such a terrible, terrible person. (Same goes for GinaMarie, because you know Zingy will have some amazing lines about Nick). Hurry, Zingbot, hurry!

So, hang tight, fellow Big Brother fans. I know it seems like these episodes feel as lazy as the very days of summer we are staying indoors to avoid, but unlike the motto Aaryn has been desperately trying to undo: it gets better. Stay tuned, I have a feeling Helen, Judd, Amanda, and McCrae (my prediction for the final four) have even more tricks up their sleeves. I think they're probably hiding them in this shirt.

Image: CBS