Worst. Maternity Shirt. EVER.

There is a long, long list of things the world has that they don't need–doggie fitness trackers, birds with arms memes, Sharknado 2 . But even more than all of that stuff, the world really doesn't need a maternity shirt that says, "Wake Me Up When I'm Skinny." I mean, come on people. Really?

Getting pregnant means gaining weight. You are growing a human person behind your belly button, okay, it requires some changes in your body. Not to mention, you know, your baby itself has to grow and stuff. And it's true that because we live in this incredibly messed up culture that sends all sorts of wrong-headed messages about weight that a lot of women struggle with the weight-gain that comes with pregnancy. In fact, some women even become anorexic while pregnant, which is absolutely horrible. And is all the more reason why no one should be making pregnancy weight gain sound like something so awful a person can't even face it but would rather be asleep through the whole ordeal.

I think it's telling that our culture is so heavily invested in the idea that people–and women in particular–should never gain "too much" weight that we even give people negative associations with gaining weight while pregnant. Just look at how we treat pregnant celebrities. It all seems like it should violate some law of evolution. I mean seriously, we're stigmatizing one of the most integral parts of the process of creating human life–the fact that growing a baby in your body causes your body to grow. And then someone thought it would be a good idea to make a shirt propping up this notion?

Yeah, no.

The shirt was created by maternity clothing brand A Pea in the Pod, though it seems to have been pulled from their website. While it was still offered it sold for 48 dollars. Because there's nothing anyone would rather do with 48 dollars than fat-shame pregnant people.

A Pea in the Pod still has their "I Miss My Waist" shirt up, however, which isn't as bad–it's probably something lots of women do feel, and it doesn't imply that pregnancy weight gain isn't some unbearable nightmare than must be escaped from. Still, maybe just stick with those stripy shirts, okay A Pea in th Pod? At least until you figure out that talking about pregnancy weight gain as a bad thing instead of a natural thing is never, ever okay.

Images: The Pea in the Pod