Jonathan Groff Might Butcher Idina Menzel's Name at the Tonys But He Has a Game Plan — VIDEO

It's the 2014 Tony Awards, and you know what that means: there's a chance someone will bungle Idina Menzel's name. The star behind the voice of Anna in this year's biggest on-screen hit, Frozen, is nominated for Best Leading Actress in a Musical for her work in If/Then. Menzel will be performing "Always Starting Over" from the show Sunday evening and her Frozen co-star Jonathan Groff will introduce her. On the Tonys red carpet, Groff, who voiced Kristoff in the Disney cartoon and also stars in HBO's Looking and The Normal Heart, was asked if he's prepared for such a challenge. After all, saying Menzel's name is no easy feat, if John Travolta is to be believed.

During the Oscars this March, Travolta famously butchered Menzel's name when introducing her before her performance of "Let It Go." It was as if the actor had never heard of Menzel before and he whiffed the intro so hard, viewers' hair blew back. Instead of "Idina Menzel" he now oh-so-famously called her "Adele Dazeem." It was a hallmark of the otherwise boring ceremony, which only gave us that epic selfie and an "impromptu" pizza delivery, to get excited about.

So, will Groff pull a Travolta? Hear what he has to say:

And, here's Travolta's intro, because #neverforget: