'The Goonies 2' Is One Step Closer to Being Made Thanks to Sean Astin & Corey Feldman

We're one step closer to getting The Goonies sequel and it's all thanks to Sean Astin and Corey Feldman who're in for Goonies 2. In April, director Richard Donner sparked rumors of a sequel by talking about how he was trying to revive the film, then we found out original writer Steven Spielberg was supposedly already penning the script, and now two of the original cast members have said they're on board. Let's hope the Goonies really never say die, because the more everyone involved talks about the movie the higher the chances it actually gets made.

At least that's what other movie reboots like Veronica Mars have shown us. Fans can want a movie all they want, but it (obviously) takes the actors to make it happen. I'm not necessarily saying Donner should kickstart this venture, but I am saying that keeping the story in the news rejuvenates and maintains interest.

Although with this Goonies sequel Astin speculates they'll want to focus on the gang's kids, there still might be room for the original actors to make a Girl Meets World type cameo. "If they really wanted us to be in it, I'm sure there would be some way to work it out," says Astin. "I certainly like the idea of doing it." Astin also spoke on behalf of co-star and friend Feldman's attitude towards the movie. "He's fired up. He's ready to go," Astin shared.

According to Donner, he does want the original gang back and it's good to know at least two of them are on board. Now let's hope that their possible involvement can help spur more of the cast like Josh Brolin and Jeff Cohen to join on too. After all, when the news of a sequel first broke, Feldman was wary of it and now that Astin is in, Feldman is suddenly pumped too. So let's hope for a domino effect.

Image: Warner Bros.; giphy