Alexander Skarsgard Definitely Has a "Type"

Let's be real for a second: No one is tuning into True Blood for the vampire politics or Sookie Stackhouse. True Blood is all about Eric Northman. Not only is this vampire easily the most badass (undead) guy in Bon Temps, but he ain't bad to look at, either. We can credit both of those facts to the talented — and, yes, physically perfect — Alexander Skarsgard, who has starred as the Nordic vampire for True Blood's past six seasons. While some fans of the show may ship Eric with resident telepath Sookie, Eric isn't exactly "boyfriend material" — but what about Skarsgard? Is he dating anyone? Here's what I found out.

You can breathe a sigh of relief, Skarsgard superfans — from the look of things, there is no special lady in Skarsgard's life at this time. Either that or he's really good at keeping things very, very under wraps, which, given his level of fame, isn't very likely. Though Skarsgard may not have a girlfriend at the moment, the actor has been attached to some big Hollywood names. A rumor sprang up late last year on Perez Hilton's blog that claimed Skarsgard was seeing his The Giver co-star, Taylor Swift. Unfortunately, you'll never hear a Swift song about their breakup — according to Swift's rep, this rumor was so false.

Though Skarsgard and Swift were never a couple, she certainly fits his alleged "type" — blondes. His longest relationship, post-fame, anyway, was with Kate Bosworth, whom he co-starred with in the 2009 drama Straw Dogs. The two broke up in 2011 and then Skarsgard allegedly pursued several other blonde beauties. According to Us Weekly, he was ready to get serious with Victoria's Secret model Anne Vyalitsina back in 2012. Think he noticed that Bosworth and Vyalitsina could pass for sisters? Because I certainly did.

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(Umm, weird. So weird.)

Apparently 2012 was a busy year for Skarsgard in the dating department, because according to the NY Post, Skarsgard was seen cozying up to Godzilla star Elizabeth Olsen at a Vanity Fair party that same year. Olsen set the record straight in an interview with Ryan Seacrest, shrugging off the statement as just another rumor in the gossip mill.

The most recent dating rumor that circled Skarsgard ended up being completely false. After some cute pics of Skarsgard and his The East co-star Ellen Page hit the internet, everyone assumed that Skarsgard and Page were a couple. It looks like these two are totally just friends, as Page recently came out as a lesbian, proving that sometimes a picture is just a picture. (Even if it is a pretty adorable one.)

In conclusion, Skarsgard appears to be very single. Take your shot now, fans — who knows, maybe he'll be open to dating a civilian. And it seems that being blonde probably wouldn't hurt.

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