The 10 Best Dressed Celebrity Dads Who Hold Their Own On The Red Carpet

Throughout the year, we spend a lot of time lusting after the fashions of Hollywood's leading ladies. But they're not the only ones who deserve to be praised for their stylish endeavors. In honor of Father's Day, it only seems fair that we take some time to swoon over the dashing men that stand behind these women on the red carpet for every premiere, award show, and party. After all, the Suris, Norths, and Blue Ivys of the world have no chance of growing up at the top of the best dressed lists without equal sartorial support from both of their parental units.

So while you're celebrating your own pops today, let's also take a little time to lend praise to the best dressed dads of Hollywood. These fine male specimens work just as hard as their significant others, and somehow they make dressing like a pro look as easy as raising their beautiful children. A giant round of applause is in order for the dads that balance work, and fatherhood while still looking like a million bucks. May your suits always be pressed, your shoes always shined, and for God's sake please don't ever fall victim to the dreaded dad fedora.


Father to Harper, Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz, David Beckham has always been a well-dressed dad. And with Victoria Beckham leading the way, it is no wonder that man always looks dapper from head-to-toe. From sleek, fitted suits, to trendy casual day wear, Beckham knows how to stroll with the kiddies in style. Although, I kind of prefer him in his knickers alone...


I don't personally agree with all of North's dad's fashion choices (looking at you, diamond face mask). However, it doesn't make sense to not include him on this list. Kanye West is a fashion risk taker, and for that fact alone, he has more than earned his spot. From leather skirts to shutter shades, West has an innate ability to shock an audience over and over again.


Another dad that walks hand in hand with a stylish momma, Brad Pitt knows how to look the part on every red carpet. With six kids to take care of, it's truly impressive that Pitt is still able to take the time to look as handsome as always. Being a father never looked so good!


Taking care of baby Flynn has never stopped Orlando Bloom from dressing on point. Not only does he know how to put together the perfect suit, but this dad can make a simple t-shirt and jeans look flawless. Whether on the red carpet, or taking Flynn for a walk, Bloom pairs masculinity with sexiness in the best ways possible.

5. JAY Z

Blue Ivy's poppa knows how to rock a red carpet with incredible confidence. When he's not standing in front of a bunch of cameras, this dad does street style the right way too. Designers drool at the thought of dressing him, and Jay Z never misses an opportunity to show us what he's got. Oh, and let's not forget his on point ability to accessorize to the fullest.


Without a doubt one of the best dressed Hollywood dads, period. In fact, Scott Disick was dripping in style long before Kourtney Kardashian gave birth to their children Mason and Penelope, and nothing has changed style wise for him since.


This one is easy. It would be impossible to come from royalty and not look amazing 24/7. After his son George was born, Prince William was still able to keep his sense of style intact, often seen in a perfectly tailored suit. As one of the most photographed men in the world, this prince must feel a bit of pressure to always look his best, and so far, I'm not complaining!


There is no arguing that Usher's got style for miles. Father to Naviyd and Usher Raymond V, this celeb dad is always up on the latest trends. Spending most of his time on TV, or on a red carpet, Usher has got his look down to a science. His endless amount of sunglasses and leather jacket's sets him apart from the rest.


Some may find his style debatable, but Matthew McConaughey wears what he wants and stays true to his personal taste. What women wouldn't find that sexy? Obviously Camila Alves, the mother of his three children Vida, Livingston, and Levi is on board. McConaughey has mastered the mix of southern and California style with ease, and always looks incredible in a relaxed suit. Who else could pull off the two-toned tuxe?

Neil Patrick Harris

Nothing suits me like a suit...on NPH. The dude knows how to rock the heck out of not only your traditional black and white tuxe, but ones in various fabric and colorways as well. Not to mention, Harris and his family always nail Halloween costumes, which everyone knows is the truest test of a stylish celeb.