Kim Kardashian is Basically Topless at Bonnaroo- PHOTO

Wanna know how Kim Kardashian does music festivals? Sorta naked on top... Kardashian was spotted last night at Bonnaroo, supporting her newlywed husband Kanye West who performed at the Tennessee music festival. Her chosen garb represented a sharp departure from the typical summer music festival regalia of macrame tops and cutoffs. Lady Kimye sported a pair of white jeans and an anorak, way more The Gap 1969 collection than hippy-dippy ingenue. The twist in her look was a sheer bodysuit that exposes all of London and most of France torso-wise. If "seeing Kim Kardashian's bra" comes up in a game of "Never Have I Ever", I can officially say that I have done that.

Perhaps this isn't something I would wear to a concert. It's actually something I wouldn't wear at all, really ever. But there's something going on in this fashion choice that I kind of enjoy. As I see it, there are three possible patterns of thought behind Kim's elective to sport this mesh leotard. One explanation is that sheer clothing represents Kardashian's off-base idea of "Bohemian." Boobs, it's like, free love right? She's trying to make the reference, but just doesn't quite get it. The result is a delightful "comedy of errors" b-plot of an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Either that, or she's making a #freethenipple statement-- sort of. It's her non-violent (but still legal) protest of the areola regulations of Instagram. Not to mention, her Kendall Jenner dealt with a similar nipple backlash months back, and this is her showing solidarity. The third explanation is that she wanted to be like "Eff festival fashion... I'm gonna do me. Casual mall-goer with a dash of exhibitionist."

Image: Instagram via @kimkardashian