Would Alison Leave Rosewood Again?

by Christine DiStasio

Will she run again? Technically, Alison DiLaurentis has run out of options, but what does that really mean? ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars premiered on June 10 and, well, Ali is back to stay — we think. On Tuesday night's "Escape From New York," Alison made the huge decision to give up her escape plan and return to Rosewood. But going back to being the same, old, monstrous Alison DiLaurentis isn't going to happen, actually, it's going to be really hard for her to get back into her old life altogether.

In case you missed the moment on Tuesday night, Alison gave her alias Vivian Darkbloom to Cece Drake so Cece could escape being charged for Detective Wilden's murder. It was a big moment for Ali to give away her last chance at an escape from "A," but it was also a big moment because she left herself with no back-up plan in case her return to Rosewood didn't work out. And, if the shadow of jealousy that fell over Ali's face when Emily, Spencer, and Hanna had a laugh about a reality show they'd watched together is any indication, she's really going to regret this decision. So, would Alison run from Rosewood again?

Chances are, probably not, but there's at least a handful of reasons why she could give it another go. Even if she can't fake her own death this time.

She Feels Out Of Place

I mean, she's been gone for a damn long time. Did Ali think that everyone's lives stopped when she died? Because they didn't — even though the investigation into her death refused to let anyone move on. So she's not the Queen Bee anymore and her well-manipulated friends have finally found a voice of their own. Is a missed episode of Picky Eaters enough to send her packing? It's possible — Alison's not used to taking a back seat. She was controlling her friends even from beyond her alleged grave.

We Didn't Really Find "A"

I have a hunch that Melissa Hastings has taken over the "A" game and that she's been "A" all along. (Seriously, did anyone really believe that Shana was "A"? C'MON, PEOPLE.) If that's the case, Alison could start getting more of those threats that caused her to run in the first place, now that she's announced her return on television. I mean, it'd follow her pattern.

Her Friends Call Her Out

On Tuesday night, Hanna, Spencer, and Emily finally called out Ali, as a group, for trying to push them away even now that they were back together. Sure, it was because Ali was feeling jealous that they'd grown as friends in her absence, but still — challenging her authority over them is never going to fly. And the more her friends call her out on her bullshit and her lies, the more likely it'll be that she tries to start over somewhere new.

Emily Stays With Paige

Emily is absolutely Ali's first target because she knows that she still has those feelings for her. But now that Paige joined the Anti-Alison Club, it's going to pose a huge threat to Ali's impending reign of terror over her friend. If Emily stays with Paige — it's a longshot, but let's just assume it's possible — Ali is so not going to stand for that, especially if Emily stands up to her and refuses to end her relationship just because she says so. Paige is Pigskin in Ali's eyes, after all and if she can't manipulate Emily, she can't manipulate any of her friends.

There's Nothing Left For Her There

I mean, her friends are over her crap, Jason is always out of the picture, we're never even met Mr. DiLaurentis, and Mrs. DiLaurentis is dead on top of the fact that she buried her daughter alive. What does Alison have in Rosewood except a bunch of people who either think she's a huge fraud now or feel sorry for her? She's not going to be welcomed home with a party and a parade and we all know that that's the type of grandeur Ali lives for. So, as soon as she realizes that she can't just go back to her old life, she'll try to move on and create a new image elsewhere with new people to torment.

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