Who is A? Wait For It, Wait For It...

by Kaitlin Reilly

Are there any breathing exercises one can do for Pretty Little Liars-induced anxiety? Because despite my undying love for Pretty Little Liars , watching this show is downright stress-inducing. For every answer that PLL dangles in front of our faces, it opens up a thousand more questions. Pretty Little Liars may be the most tweeted about show, but it's also the one that makes me want to throw a shoe at the flat screen every week, and Tuesday's Season 5 premiere was no exception.

In case you missed it (umm, why would you miss it?!) the show picked up where last season's cliffhanger left us — with Ezra heading to the ER for a gunshot wound and the little liars on the run from A. Thankfully the show answered a few major questions we had about the finale — namely, who shot Ezra?!

(Spoilers ahead!)

The answer to who shot the English teacher was slightly underwhelming — surprising, sure, but in a "completely out of left field," and "not the answer we wanted" kind of way. As far as the show has told us (there are other theories out there!) Ali's best buddy from Georgia, Shana, was the one who shot Ezra — and she's come after Alison as payback for what Ali did to Jenna all those years ago. That's right — Shana is A.

Except, uh, not really. There's no way that Shana is "Big A" — she's been on exactly 10 episodes of the series and couldn't possibly be the hooded figure the girls were so terrified of for all four seasons. Plus, A definitely isn't done terrorizing the girls (not with the show being renewed for a sixth and seventh season) so the fact that Aria killed Shana in self-defense doesn't exactly bode well for Shana's A-status.

As much as I want Pretty Little Liars to continue its mystery, I also really, really want to know who A is. It's actively stressing me out. And I'm not alone — these Pretty Little Liars fans took to Twitter to express their own PLL-induced anxiety.

Don't worry, guys. The stress is real... and oh so worth it.

Images: ABC Family, dilaurentisfields/tumblr, you-always-miss-someone/tumblr