Get Ready for Another 'Full House' Reunion

When it comes to epic TV weddings, everyone always talks about Game of Thrones or Grey's Anatomy, never Full House. Yet year after year, the '90s show featured some of the best weddings in television history; remember when Jesse went parachuting, got stuck in a tree, and his fiancée had to come pick him up? Or when D.J. accidentally married a 15-year-old, in some weird, quick ceremony that's apparently totally legit in some parts of Greece? Oh, Full House, how we miss you so. Thankfully, there's another Tanner wedding coming up soon, although it'll (hopefully) be a lot less chaotic — Dave Coulier's getting married, and his Full House co-stars are planning to be right by his side.

According to E!, John Stamos, Bob Saget, Lori Laughlin, and Candace Cameron-Bure have been invited to the wedding of Coulier and longtime girlfriend Melissa Bring, and we wouldn't be surprised if Jodie Sweetin or Andrea Barber decided to show up (the Olsen twins, on the other hand...). Even better, Cameron-Bure told People magazine that Saget, a longtime friend of Coulier's, is planning "some kind of toast," and she "can only imagine what will come out of his mouth."

"Dave and Bob have been best friends since they were in their early 20s... so it will be funny," she said. "I'm sure we will have the tissues out because there will be tears streaming down from crying and laughing so hard."

It's too bad Saget doesn't have any Danny Tanner wedding speeches as inspiration, but even if we did, we doubt they'd be much help; Saget is an R-rated comedian, and Danny Tanner is, well... Danny Tanner. Coulier wedding guests should expect a raunchy, if heartfelt toast from the guy whose most recent blog post is called "Why Dick Jokes are Relevant."

Although Saget's speech may not be Full House-appropriate, the rest of the wedding activities sound right out of a Tanner vacation: golfing, a pig roast, rodeo night, and a Fourth of July barbecue. The ceremony will take place on July 2, but the whole event will be a week-long celebration.

Hopefully, the couple will share some photos of their nuptials, because even with all the Full House reunions that've been happening as of late, it'd be unimaginable if nearly all the cast got back together and no one deigned to let the public know. After all, it's not like we're going to see them reunite at Mary-Kate Olsen's wedding; the twins didn't even come to the 20th anniversary party. As Stephanie would say, how rude!