You Can Be in 'Pitch Perfect 2'

If you're a Pitch Perfect fan who's simply dying for the May 2015 release of Pitch Perfect 2 and you happen to live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana — or can get to Baton Rouge by Friday, June 20 — then girl, are you in luck. Or boy, for that matter. Really, if you're a guy or gal who is over the age of 16, you can sign up to be an extra on the set of Pitch Perfect 2. Aca-believe it. Universal is holding an open casting call for volunteers to take part in the hotly anticipated sequel, but you must register at PitchPerfect2live.com. (And, just a heads up, the website warns that only a limited amount of spots are available.)

While fans have had some sneak previews of what's in store for Pitch Perfect 2 thanks to the cast's delightful on-set photos, the lucky extras chosen for Friday's filming (which will take place from approximately 6 p.m to 6 a.m., so you'd better be a night owl if you want to participate) will get to see a scene unfold right before their very eyes. The volunteers will be in the crowd for an a cappella performance that will be featured in the movie. That's right, some folks will get to see a live performance from the Barden Bellas.

In addition to being part of Pitch Perfect 2 (in case that wasn't cool enough as is), the volunteers could also win raffle giveaways during the filming, which includes autographed Pitch Perfect memorabilia. Check out the full rules and details of signing up here and good luck!

Image: Universal Pictures; Giphy.com