He's Single — Where Do We Sign Up?

So he's not dating Sookie in real life? Thank god. I mean, we all obviously knew that Anna Paquin is married to her True Blood costar Stephen Moyer — she only gets to string along the criminally handsome Joe Manganiello on TV. HBO's True Blood 's Season 7 will premiere on June 22 and we're all wondering whether or not Sookie and Alcide are still together after that Season 6 finale flash-forward. And by extension, we're also wondering who in the world Joe Manganiello, Magic Mike hunk and all-around decent werewolf, is dating in real life — well, here's your answer: Absolutely no one.

That's right, people: Manganiello AKA True Blood 's Alcide is single and ready to mingle and he was all about letting everyone know back in March 2014. In an interview on the Today show with Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb, Manganiello was asked if he had a "real one" — Lee and Kotb were asking about his tattoos — and the actor revealed without hesitation, "I'm single." Thinking that the hosts were asking about whether or not he had a real girlfriend. Awkward.

The 37-year-old star laughed it off before continuing with, "No tattoos, no girlfriend, done. There we go." Well, alright then. And at that point in late March, the actor said he'd been separated from his former girlfriend, model Bridget Peters, for awhile. But he's definitely not too busy for love, so now's your chance, ladies. The actor told the Today hosts, "You can always find time. If it's the right one, it's the right one. It doesn't matter, it'll just work out."

Are you the one for Manganiello? Here's how (we assume) you can win this werewolf's heart:

Step 1: Get All Into That Fae Stuff

Alcide just adores Sookie for whatever reason. Unlike her vampire lovers, he's not in it for her fairy blood — but she's got something going with that fae magic. And, well, if you can scale back on the whining and scale up on the whimsical magic, you'll be a better Sookie than Sookie herself.

Step 2: Date Dangerous Men

Another reason Alcide is so attached to Sookie is that he's the most decent guy she's been with. And he not-so-secretly loves that about their relationship. Manganiello's been playing Alcide on True Blood for a long time — he has to have picked up some of his traits over the years.

Step 3: Embrace Your Curves

This hunk is a big guy. Manganiello is an impressive 6'5" — and no, I don't mean that's the width of his impeccably muscled chest or the circumference of his biceps. That's just how tall he is, we might not currently have a measurement system that can come up with figures for those other numbers. But anyway, the actor told People in January of 2013, "I'm a big guy. All too often in Hollywood actresses are super skinny. As a man my primal instincts don't kick in when they are that skinny. It's almost unhealthy. I like curves." Line on up, curvy ladies.

Step 4: Work On Some Killer Dance Moves

Manganiello cut a killer rug during his stripper performances in Magic Mike. He has to appreciate a lady who can hold her own on the dance floor.

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