Pearl Jam Covers "Let It Go" Proving 'Frozen' & '90s Grunge Go Hand-in-Hand — VIDEO

Since its debut, Frozen — and especially its most ubiquitous ballad, "Let It Go" — has found its way into most every corner of pop culture, from live-action parodies on Korean TV to farmers protesting the EPA to high-fashion catwalks and back again. Indeed, there seem to be very few times when it's not appropriate to break into some Adele Dazeem realness — including, apparently, in the middle of a Pearl Jam concert. Yes, the band has proved themselves quite the Disney fans with their tribute to Elsa's signature song, breaking into its chorus at their show in Milan on Friday during an extended jam-sesh medley of "Daughters" and "Just Breathe." So, in case you ever wanted to hear Eddie Vedder croon an Idina Menzel melody, congratulations, today's your day.

Indeed, the tune is surprisingly fitting for Pearl Jam's reverb-heavy, grunge-gone-arena, Into the Wild soundtrack milieu, in which every song already kind of sounds like something you'd play over a ruggedly inspirational montage. I hereby commission the next Frozen tribute: a full rendition à la '90s, plaid and all, straight Seattle Sub Pop style. Because what is "Let It Go," really, if not a slacker's proto-nihilist call to apathy? I mean, come on, "the cold never bothered me anyway" is basically a Soundgarden lyric.

So, for those who long to hear the Ice Queen's refrain in Vedder's throaty tones, watch below:

nolatiles on YouTube

And for those interested in the 11-plus minute build-up of "Daughter" / "Just Breathe" into which the above clip ultimately falls, this one's all you:

gio bas on YouTube