Katy Perry Offered to Write Hillary Clinton's Campaign Theme Song & That Might Not Be the Best Idea — PHOTO

In the dynamic duo I'm unsure whether or not I should have seen coming, it appears that Katy Perry and Hillary Clinton are mutual fans of one another. Then again, maybe that's not too much of a surprise. Katy Perry may have made some questionable decisions, like dressing up like a Jewish caricature in "Birthday" and dating John Mayer, but that doesn't necessarily mean she can't be a fan of the woman who came the closest to becoming the first female President of the United States. In fact, Katy Perry offered to write Hillary Clinton a campaign theme song after they met at a book signing over the weekend and Clinton was totally into it.

The offer was given and accepted over Twitter, which is just about the least official way to conduct that sort of business. I'm still smarting over the time Tiny Detectives Ellen Page and Kate Mara declared via Twitter their interest in starring in True Detective season two. However, Perry's songs are usually a lot less problematic if you don't factor her performances or their music videos into it, which means she's a prime candidate to write a campaign theme song for Clinton. Perry is Cosmopolitan's Global Icon, after all.

Clinton — and the rest of the world — is clearly a huge fan of "Roar", but if Katy Perry were in charge of doing the Hillary Clinton campaign theme, there's no need for her to be so cliche. There are plenty of other Katy Perry songs that would work for a campaign. At least, if you just look at the title.

  1. "Dark Horse"
  2. "By the Grace of God"
  3. "This Moment"
  4. "International Smile"
  5. "Trust In Me"

Of course, looking at the lyrics of all of those songs would probably quickly disqualify them from being appropriate for someone's campaign, but they'd definitely give Perry a jumping off point to work with. However, all things considered, it might be best for Clinton to choose another artist to write her theme song. Like, say Beyoncé. Or Beyoncé. And, if she's not busy, Beyoncé.

Image: katyperry/Instagram