Melissa Is Sketchier Than Ever On 'PLL'

By Kaitlin Reilly

Pretty Little Liars is back for Season 5, and so is the enigma that is Melissa Hastings. Spencer's older sister has been the source of much controversy on the ABC Family drama, and her return to Rosewood this time around is no less suspicious. After seasons of suspecting that Melissa may be the elusive A and/or the one to put Ali in that grave (both suspicions that have proven incorrect... we think) Melissa hasn't exactly redeemed herself out of sketchy sister territory. We already know that Melissa is part of (and possibly also in charge of?) the "We Hate Alison DiLaurentis" club, and has a huge secret that she's keeping from Mrs. Hastings and Spencer. The newest clip from Season 5, Episode 3 of Pretty Little Liars shows that Melissa is even shadier than we expected — and she's hiding more than we thought.

The clip from the newest Pretty Little Liars shows Melissa catching Spencer spying on the DiLaurentis family from the window. Melissa warns Spencer to stay away from the DiLaurentis family, despite Spencer's counter that they are both related to some of the members of that family. "Blood is thicker than water?" Melissa asks, menacingly. "It can also be very slippery." Umm, okay, then.

A major reveal from this episode? That Melissa and Wren are still somehow involved. (I'm calling it now: Wren is totally a part of the A game. He's even shadier than Melissa!) According to Melissa, she hid the fact that she didn't see Toby in London to protect Wren, whom Toby met up with while he was looking for Melissa. Why Melissa would want to hang out with the ex-fiance who cheated on her with her high school aged sister is beyond me, and certainly puts her in sketchy territory. Clearly these two are conspiring for something — the only question is for what.

Melissa may be a suspicious character herself, but from this clip, she also reveals that she doesn't exactly trust her half-brother, Jason, even saying that it's possible that he killed his own mother. She even compares the Hastings and DiLaurentis' to the Borgias and the Medicis — you know, because of all the matricide. (Only a Hastings would cite that historical reference to make a point.)

There is clearly bad blood between the DiLaurentis and the Hastings family, so what does Melissa really know about it? More than she's letting on, for sure, even if her sketchy-as-ever persona does reveal the cracks in her lies.

Check out the clip below.

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