13 Eliza Dushku Instagram Selfies That Prove There's A Right Way To Do The Pouty Lip, So Take Notes

Eliza Dushku is making some ginormous life changes. The Dollhouse and Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress and one of ComicCon's hawtest girl crushes has bounced from L.A. after 22 years, returning this week to her native Boston to enroll in college, something she didn't get to do earlier in life because the acting gods had other plans for her. Dushku also split with former baller Rick Fox, her BF of five years, who is remaining in L.A. Dushku took to Twitter to explain the split was amicable, since she and Fox appear to be on different life paths. Despite these major shakeups and shedding of comfort zones, Dusku is still smiling and selfie-ing, even though I wouldn't fault her for burying her face in a pint of Ben & Jerry's while wearing a Juicy Couture velour tracksuit, indulging the mourning phase and Insta-documenting it.Even so, I was legit a little bummed for Dushku, since she and Fox seemed so happy. And they were. Scan her Instagram feed and you'll find lots of loved up pics of the pair doing things like date nights and dog hangs. While "aww-ing" over these adorable moments, I was totally struck by the deftness with which Dushku takes a selfie. She has mastered the art of the pouty-lipped selfie, never drifting into fish lips territory or looking fake. While the totally adorbs hair goddess Ariana Grande posts puckered selfies all the time, she tries a tad too hard. Dushku? Effortless and flawless. Sure, Dushku is the rare, girl-next-door work of art. You can totally go a baseball game or clothes shopping with her. She's undeniably beautiful, but feels accessible. Her selfies can also teach you a thing or two about how to pose and how to perfect a pouty-lipped snap.

Here are 14 Dushku poses to emulate. Get to work.

1. Two Of A Kind

Wide-eyed and pouty (or blowing an air kiss) with a pal is twice as nice.

2. Pretty In Pink

Her side-eye and hot pink statement lips are a dangerous pairing. Try it!

3. Blondes Do It Better

Dushku went blonde here, posing with minimal makeup and one of her peepers seductively obscured.

4. Cap It Off

The trucker hat and forward-titled head lend girl-next-door charm.

5. Old-School Glam

She kills it with side-eye ("Ohmigosh I didn't even notice I was taking my picture!"), bold, crimson-stained lips, and loose waves.

6. #NoMakeup

Could her brows be more perfectly arched? I'd pay to get lips as full as hers, too. This selfie is cool and fun because it cuts off half her face and leaves something to the imagination.

7. Style Selfie

It's underview! Or "ground" view. Or looking down. Whatever the opposite of aerial view is, it's this! With doe eyes and mouth agape, you can't fake this kind of cuteness, though many have tried.

8. Making Waves

Notice the pattern? A covered eye. Bright, "Look at me!" lips. Looking down at the camera. Cascades of waves. Are you taking notes and practicing these techniques?

9. Back It Up

This from-the-back selfie and profile shot is quite possibly the hottest Dushku selfie of the lot. It could be classified as a semi-selfie, since she may not have taken it herself, but that's of little consequence. She looks natural, gorgeous, and not posed.

10. Way Down Under

Here's an underview where Dushku looking down again! But she is making eye contact and is showing just a bit of teeth, which is a totally fine way to switch up the pout in a selfie.

11. Black And White

Here, Dushku's head is slightly angled away, but she is also looking down. It's not an easy pose for a selfie, but practice, practice, practice. She sure does!

12. A Filtered Glow

I'm totally coveting how her bedhead and Dushku's features, such as her cheekbones and perfectly pursed mouth, are defined by both the lighting and the Insta effects. This is another good technique to practice, as there are multiple elements.

13. Why So Serious?

This selfie is the most pouty. Dushku doesn't look happy and she's wearing next-to-no makuep. But she's as stunning here as she is with the selfies that boast bright, come hither lips. Her posture, or lack thereof, makes this a sexy selfie in its own way.

Images: Instagram