'Frozen' & 'High School Musical' Make for a Seriously Perfect Mashup - VIDEO

What happens when two of Disney's greatest movies come together? A perfect musical mashup, that's what. Specifically, your favorite Frozen track "Let it Go" set to the High School Musical scene for "Bet on It." You know the one. Zac Efron has a lot of feelings and he works through them while running and singing on a golf course. Now we know you've seen a lot of Frozen parodies at this point. I'm not even going to try to pretend that this is the last of them because let's be real, "Let it Go" parodies are never, well, going to go.

So instead of being upset by them, let's embrace them. Especially this one because the two songs match up almost perfectly. It's kind of scary. For example, when Efron is singing to his reflection Lion King-style, the "Let it Go" line "I'm never going back, the past is in the past," comes on and Efron splashes his reflection and turns his back on the lake.

To be honest though, the "Bet on It" scene is a musical movie masterpiece because it fits a lot of different songs. In fact there are probably almost as many "Bet on It" parodies as there are "Let it Go" ones. So I guess you can consider this mix to be the parody mashup of all time.

Of course someone had to put "Bet on It" over the Frozen video too and it also works perfectly.

And now for your enjoyment, several other amazing "Bet on It" parodies. Like this Pokemon theme song version:

And this version set to Lady Gaga's "LoveGame." (Ah, the joys of 2008.)

Finally we have a wonderful mashup of everyone's favorite villain Loki set to the "Bet on It" song.

Now wasn't that an excellent use of the last 15 minutes of your time? We thought so. Thanks, Internet.

Image: Disney