New 'Wet Hot American Summer' Prequel Details

There have been a lot of rumors floating around about the upcoming Wet Hot American Summer prequel series on Netflix. So many, in fact, that it's becoming hard to differentiate fact from fiction. So, it's great that — though Netflix has yet to comment — the project's creators Michael Showalter and David Wain (who were also behind the upcoming Amy Poehler- Paul Rudd-satirical romcom They Came Together) are pretty eager. In an interview with CraveOnline, Showalter let out some new details about the mysterious Wet Hot American Summer prequel.

He revealed that, so far, they have an outline made for the 10-episode Netflix series, the entire show would take place on the first day of camp, and he also said he's confident that he can get all the original cast members. This, of course, is the most exciting bit, as it includes a lot of people who have become a lot more famous since the film came out: Amy Poehler, Elizabeth Banks, and Bradley Cooper. Showalter assured that "we wouldn’t have wanted to do it if we couldn’t get everybody. So we did our due diligence before the fact and everyone wants to do it."

Getting these high profile actors together to shoot a series will be a challenge, as will getting them to resemble young camp counselors. But Showalter isn't too worried — after all, Arrested Development pulled it off. "We’re not going to try to make everything make sense...we’re not trying to do a really intricate story. It’s more just an opportunity to bring the cast back together and tell more stories about these camp kids."

As for other seasons, Showalter doesn't want to look too far into the future. "I think we would start with one and go from there, but I mean, I think one would be… if we could pull off one that would be a pretty amazing thing." We'll keep our fingers crossed.

Image: Eureka Pictures, Giphy