A Sneak Peek into 'Doctor Who' Season 8

Filming for the 8th season of the BBC comedic sci-fi thriller Doctor Who just kicked off in Cardiff, Wales and from the looks of it, Peter Capaldi makes a completely striking new Doctor. Dozens of photos from the set were released today by Wales Online and they feature a mean brigade of Cybermen and a cheeky Michelle Gomez as the Gatekeeper. Aside from gorgeous time-traveling costumes, these new images along with the new teaser trailer also give us a sneak-peek into what we can expect from the upcoming season. As much as we all had a hard time bidding farewell to Matt Smith, the shots of the new episodes have us really excited. Capaldi may have a different kind of charm than his Doctor predecessor, but it's already really really working for him.

When Capaldi, Bomez and fellow newcomer Jemma Redgrave weren't warding off droves of Cybermen, they were interaccting with fans and taking in Wales' gorgeous capital city. While on location, Capaldi stopped into the Help for Heroes store, which is a charity dedicated to aiding wounded soliders, and signed some merchandise. Proving that even though he might be the foulest-mouthed Doctor yet, he also just might be the kindest.

Considering we just found out a Sherlock Christmas special is on its way for 2015 and we have these new Doctor Who shots, it's a great day for television Anglophiles. We're so excited by these shots, we just had to make a few predictions about the upcoming season! Enjoy.

It's obviously going to be hilarious

Capaldi with those faces! Don't let him fool you with that "serious demeanor."

The Cybermen must have some sort of diabolical hive mind

But that circle in the chest plate looks like the key to their destruction...

There will be lots of selfies

Now if we can get Capaldi and Cumberbatch in the same one, the Internet might explode.

Everything Will be Incredibly Well-Tailored

We're just dying over these costumes, really.

And Again, Proof Capaldi is the Nicest Doctor Yet

Images: Nevelets/TheM0ffatMinion/Nevelets/TheM0ffatMinion/ Twitter