Are These Two Hilarious Humans Still Dating?

by Arielle Dachille

Our hearts exploded when we found out that Amy Poehler and Nick Kroll were dating. It’s only right that two people so funny and brilliant should spoon each other to sleep at night. However, there has been a noticeable lack of news about these two lately. What's the deal? Are Amy Poehler and Nick Kroll still dating? Seriously, we need to know. It makes us feel better just to trust in the fact that they’re engaging in rapid fire “yes, and...” conversations across a candlelit dinner table. We can rest easy, because it appears that they are still dating. And they're likely keeping the spark alive with their comedy.

Us Weekly reported that the couple started publicly dating a little over a year ago in June 2013, when they accompanied each other to AFI's 41st Lifetime Achievement Awards Gala. This news came several months after Poehler's divorce from other funny person Will Arnett. Since the couple made their official coming out, they've spent nearly every moment they possibly can together. (Or, you know, at least as far as we can tell.)

Here they are on New Year's Eve of 2014 with a posse of other hilarious humans including David Cross, Amber Tamblyn, and John Mulaney. Look at all the fun they're having!

Brian Killian/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

And remember when Poehler kissed Bono at this year's Golden Globes?

Afterward, Nick Kroll had some words for Bono on Twitter...

Chill out, guys. They were playful words. The couple that laughs together stays together. As recently as late March, the pair has been spotted being all couple-y and as adorable as you would hope. The Daily Mail caught sight of them on vacation together in Mexico, holding hands and rocking sun hats like nobody's business.

Lately, if you haven't seen much of them out and about, it's because the comedy heavyweights have been hard at work on their upcoming projects. The Kroll Show was recently picked up for a third season and Poehler just wrote a book which definitely takes some alone time. Her memoir, Yes, Please, is coming out this year.

However when the couple is able to work together, the result is nothing short of genius. Kroll has guested on Parks and Recreation numerous times as horrifically misogynistic shock jock The Douche. This fart-sound-effect-loving man child plays a superb foil to Leslie's ultra-pragmatic champion character, and when the two interact, you can just see them feeding off of each other. Poehler even has a recurring character in the "Rich Dicks" sketch on Kroll Show. Feast your eyes on their comedy chemistry:

We can guess that the two most likely met via work, specifically on the set of Parks. When asked exactly how they were first acquainted, expert improviser Kroll is never without a gloriously weird explanation. The New York Post reports that Kroll's "how we started dating story" is that they met 15 years ago when they were abducted by aliens. Going into more detail, Kroll says,

After a number of experiments we were returned to Earth, with no memory of it, but with an incredible passion for improv comedy, and we stayed in touch ever since then.

You're not fooling us, Kroll. We see those sincere lovey-dovey feelings for Poehler shining through.

So while it's been a while since we've seen public canoodling from the two of them, it would appear that Kroll and Poehler are still happily dating. As any great couple does, they're keeping the romance alive with laughter — that sweet ambrosia for the soul, laughter!

Image: Tumblr