'Almost Royal' Goes to Brooklyn for Coffee, But They Should Also Visit These 8 Places

Listen, I've entirely enjoyed watching Poppy and Georgie Carlton from BBC's Almost Royal explore Los Angeles and Texas, but I'm way more excited to watch the naive "siblings" explore Williamsburg in Brooklyn. Since the characters are completely clueless about life, their (fake) personalities are rooted in honesty, which means they're probably going to say some brutally frank things to a handful of hipsters. Considering that they probably don't even know what hipsters are, Brooklyn is going to be a window into a whole new world for them.

So what are they going to be doing with all of the hipsters? Georgie and Poppy will visit a coffee shop and learn the art of coffee-making. Duh. According to Almost Royal's Publicity Manager Tyler Zlotnick, the daring duo will be stopping by Modca — a Williamsburg coffee shop located off the Bedford Avenue stop on the L train— in Saturday's episode. Since the siblings are likely bigger fans of tea than coffee, it should definitely be an interesting and eye-opening experience for all of us. The ironic thing about this whole premise is that, actually, Poppy and Georgie would be great hipsters. They've got all of the money in the world, so they could definitely afford to "play" a ukulele on an iPad app... but, that would mean that they have to know what a ukulele is, and I highly doubt that they do.

But let's be real, there are so many more things that we would love to see Poppy and Georgie do in New York's hipster capital. Maybe the next time the hysterical siblings visit Williamsburg, they can cross a few of these activities off of their list.

Tour of the Brooklyn Brewery

Something tells me Poppy's not much of a beer person.

Mustache grooming

Honestly, Georgie could totally pull off a hipster mustache.

Go to a flea market

Whether they go to a real flea market or upscale thrift shop, I hope they try on some overalls.

Go on a unicycle ride

They already went on a bicycle ride in Los Angeles, so they'll have to up their game in NYC.

See an outdoor movie in the summer

Sitting on the grass for almost two hours? Hell to the no.

Stand on the corner and judge people

We obviously already know they'd be good at this.

Farm in a community garden

Actually, farming should just be the focus of an entire episode.


What's not to like about a place that mixes alcohol and video games? I have a feeling Georgie would get addicted to Pac-Man.

In the end, all I really want is for Poppy to channel her Judy Funnie.

Images: BBC America; Nickelodeon; giphy