She's Doing A Mud Run?

by Christine DiStasio

She's the last person you'd think to see rolling around in the mud, right? Well, after all this time, Kim Kardashian is still finding ways to surprise us. On an upcoming episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians , Kim is going to participate in a mud run. Which, even though she's been working out a lot — and posting selfie evidence on Instagram — should be almost as fun to watch as that time she got a fish pedicure in Greece. No disrespect to Kim Kardashian, but she's the last person I think of when someone asks, "Which celebrity would you want on your team for an endurance test?"

Back in April, Kim and Khloe both posted shots of themselves of their mud run experience on Instagram. In true Kim fashion, she posted a snap of the sisters pre-mud run, wearing bandanas over their faces, while Khloe went for an action shot of the pair mid-race. And yes, Kim actually participated. Surprising, right? Considering she refused to pick up dog poop during last week's episode of KUWTK, it's kind of hard to believe that newly minted Mrs. Kanye West was cool with being submerged is obviously dirty mud.

But that's not the only time Kim refused to get her hands dirty — since KUWTK premiered, Kim's been the least likely to get a little dirty.

When She Wouldn't Clean Up Dog Poop

On last week's episode of KUWTK, Kim absolutely refused to help Kris clean up the heaping piles of dog poop that Kendall's great dane had left behind. Prompting Kris to call Kim a "piece of shit" herself. I mean, she kind of had a point that it wasn't her dog.

She Doesn't Poop Or Fart

Back in 2011, the reality star wrote in a Cosmopolitan quiz that she's never "gone #2 or passed gas." That's the definition of not getting your hands dirty. (P.S., Kim, everyone poops.)

When She Didn't Know What To Do With Mercy's Poop


When She Allegedly Hired a Fulltime Tailor

In Touch reported in Feb. that "a source" confirmed that Kimye had hired a fulltime tailor to be on-call for alterations. As if Kim would ever get her hands dirty shopping in a regular store.

When She "Hated" Dogs For This Reason

According to a source close to Kim when she was getting married to Kris Humphries, the couple had a lot of tension over Humphries' two dogs. The Radar Online reported that, "Kim thinks dogs are dirty and messy, and she is a complete neat freak.” Well, okay then.

When She Freaked Out Over Her Fish Pedicure

She's just so not okay.

When She Backed Out Of Her Marriage To Kris Humphries

Okay, before you jump to conclusions about me poking fun at Kim skipping out on her messy marriage to the NBA star, there's more to this. Us Weekly reported back in 2011 that Kim told the site that Kris "leaves messy piles of clothes everywhere! I'm such a neat freak." So Kim literally backed out because she didn't want to clean up Kris' dirty laundry.

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