Is CBS protecting Caleb From 'Big Brother' Fans?

It's no secret that CBS and Big Brother were in some hot water last year with their offensive bunch of houseguests. Whether it was racist remarks, or comments about child pornography, it felt like CBS planned to find the worst people ever and put them in a house together. And despite Andy Herren being awarded the prize, at the end of it all, there really was no real winner. So it doesn't surprise me that the second there is a potential Caleb controversy this season on Big Brother 16 that the network would do anything in its power to hide it from fans. Well, everything except taking down the 24-hour paid live feed, that is.

This season has just begun, but there is already evidence that houseguest Caleb Reynolds has a bigoted past. Caleb made an extremely bigoted and offensive comment on one of his now-deleted Instagram photos. Whether CBS asked him to clean up his social media presence before he entered the house or not is unknown, but it wouldn't be surprising based on what happened last season. And as if the comments weren't enough, there was reportedly a video that contained Caleb beating a hog to death with the caption that read, "Caleb had to swim across the river to get a hog and forgot his knife!! But no worries he used a stick instead." Really nice, dude.

But because we are watching Big Brother, I will only really judge Caleb on what is happening inside the house. Unfortunately, his reputation in the house isn't doing much to save his reputation in the real world. Upon entering the Big Brother mansion, Caleb was bitten by the love bug, and became quickly obsessed with Amber Borzotra. He claims that he noticed the way she looked at him, but she later explained that she thinks of everyone as a friend. Well, that wasn't good enough for Caleb, so he started ranting to other houseguests about how Amber was treating him. He started to assume that viewers thought Amber was stupid. Oh, Caleb, don't you know what happens when you assume?

It seems like Wednesday night, during Devin's house meeting to end all Big Brother house meetings, Amber and Caleb were able to clear the uncomfortable air for now, which is great and all, but what Amber really deserved was an apology. For the past week, Caleb has been saying really nasty things about Amber — and CBS hasn't shown any of it. Is CBS protecting him to avoid controversy (like it did after Big Brother favorite Jeff Shroeder claimed Dumbledore, a gay wizard, shouldn't be allowed in the same room as kids)? It would be a shame, considering airing the footage would hold a seeming bigot who's shaming a woman for not liking him accountable for his actions. This plot line has been a huge topic of discussion in the Big Brother house, so it definitely would deserve air time, much more than Donny making cricket noises for the houseguests (even if I loved that).

So what gives, CBS? It's evident that Caleb has done a lot of really shitty things this far in the season, so why aren't we getting to see any of it?

Images: CBS; FuckYeahItsBigBrother/Tumblr