The 7 Best Videos of Kids Dancing Fiercely: Because Gender Norms Are So Last Year

It's an interesting time to be a kid redefining gender norms. On the one hand, transgender women like Laverne Cox are making a major splash in the media, providing kids with a new kind of role model. (Congrats on the Emmy nom, girl!) On the other hand, gender still very much affects everyone's life and rights: Take, for example, the fact that women are still being denied basic healthcare because those rights don't align with the "moral views" of a major corporation. (Yeah, we're looking at you Hobby Lobby.) Still, this century is shaping up to be an era of resistance against being put into perfectly colored boxes — and the next generation is here to help get us there.

When we're little, gender roles have (hopefully) yet to be as rigidly established and it's (hopefully) no big deal for a girl to want to join her local Little League team, or for a boy to want to be enrolled in dance class.

Speaking of dance class, these little kids have got some major talent — and we're so glad they disregarded stereotypes and put their moves on display for all of us to see. Whether it's a little boy dressed in drag rocking it to Christina Aguilera, or a 6-year-old girl killing it in a break dance battle, these kids have proven that you don't have to be a certain gender to dance pretty or dance tough. Since the adults are having a tough time figuring it out, let's take a look at the kids who are not afraid to step outside the box.


Shaun Sperling on YouTube

Madonna's ego may be out of control, but it's well-deserved when you consider she has such a loyal band of followers. I mean, just look at his shirt (which his mother airbrushed for him, of course). This kid is a die-hard Madonna fan — and props to him for owning it. This video popped up in 2012, 10 years after it was filmed at young Shaun Sperling's Bar Mitzvah. In case you were wondering, Sperling now has his own Fan Club and is still rocking his Madonna shirt (well, kind of).


iamnotablogger on YouTube

Major props to this kid for dressing in drag and showing off his fierce dance skills. It's not easy imitating Christina, but he definitely did her justice. Let's hope the negative YouTube comments and slurs don't take his self-confidence away from him.

'White Girl Dances to African Music'

Gehric Barreau on YouTube

The title of this video says it all. No one expected this little blonde white girl to get up there and wow the hell out of us — but she does.

Mini Michael Jackson

Stefan Patatu on YouTube

This little girl has got those pelvic thrusts down. Girls at this age are usually seen in frilly pink tutus doing pretty dances, but this one knows that there is no shame in dancing like the King of Pop.

'He Dances Feminine'

DramaFever on YouTube

My heart melts for this little boy. Despite the judges doubt, Zhang got out there and did the best random dance I'm sure they've ever seen. Dancing starts at 2:21, but I suggest you watch the whole thing, and stay tuned after the dance for the most heart-warming thing that you, unfortunately, only hear out of children. Zhang, you made me happy.

Dancing with the Buccaneers Cheerleaders


This kid has got game and he knows it. I mean just watch him rip off that jacket. Maybe we'll see him on that field someday, either playing or dancing. I'm hoping for the latter.

Dance Battle

itsMRich on YouTube

When words fail. I think there was a clear winner here: Never underestimate a little girl in pink stripes and a beanie. Ever.

Amazing, right? Keep on dancing, kiddos.