'Fault In Our Stars' Bench Is Back, Amsterdam-Bound Butts Should Be Grateful

Real-life disappointment struck the Fault In Our Stars audience last week when it was reported that the bench that Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters cry/make-out on in the film was stolen from its rightful place. It was horrible — just like when that Ben Wyatt and Leslie Knope lock was stolen off the Paris love bridge, but with way more terminal cancer. But there's been a positive development in the case: The TFiOS bench has made a comeback.

The return of the bench is still shrouded in some mystery: Where did it go? Why did it go? Was it just some Fault In Our Stars fanpeople desperate to own some memorabilia on which a severely depressing movie scene took place? Was it some rando thieves who couldn't lift a better bench? Was it just taken away for maintenance?

Regardless, the bench is back, and an official — in this case Amsterdam film commissioner Simon Brester — told Entertainment Weekly that the bench currently sitting where Hazel and Gus sat in the movie is, in fact, the one that touched the butts of Ansel Elgort and Shailene Woodley.

Here is a picture of the bench at the scene. The Dutch text says, predictably, "The bench from The Fault In Our Stars is back!"

Image: 20th Century Fox