'Bachelorette' Josh Murray's Dog Should Seal the Deal for Andi Dorfman — PHOTOS

On Monday night's Bachelorette episode, Andi Dorfman goes on hometowns. The 26-year-old reality star visits Nick Viall's house, Chris Soules' farm, Marcus Grodd's place, and Josh Murray's Tampa home. It was there, in the comfort of McMansion suburbia, where we were introduced to Josh's dog, Sabel. The canine looks to be a boxer or a pit bull mix, but what's more important is that she's a lovable combination of spirit, spunk, and drool. How could Andi resist? It's clear that Sabel is a huge part of Josh's life, so if Andi chooses him, she's got to choose Sabel, too.

It's like how Juan Pablo had a daughter, only you know, Sabel's not human. Point is, Josh and Sabel are a package, much like J.P. and Camila are — you can't have one without the other, and rightfully so.

Plus, Josh doesn't seem like the type of guy who puts his dog in a friendly doggy-cage overnight with a soft blanket and a silent chew toy. He seems like the kind of guy who not only lets Sabel sleep in his bed, but insists upon it. And vacations without the pup? Doubtful. Where Josh goes, Sabel probably goes. They're two peas in a hot, humid, Atlanta pod.

The question is, can Andi handle this competition, I mean, cuteness?

Or this?

How about this?


You can't beat this:

You definitely can't beat this:

Um, it's starting to get a little unfair:

Sabel and Josh and Andi forever.