Maks & Meryl's 'Shall We Dance On Ice' Routine Needs These 5 Moves

Maks Chmerkovskiy and Meryl Davis shippers, good news! You can dare to dream a little longer since the powerful and steamy Dancing With The Stars duo is reuniting for an ice dancing spectacular. Reuniting — and, uh, ice dancing for that matter — has never felt this good, has it? Now, while we know that this ice dancing reunion called Shall We Dance is actually focused on Meryl and her ice-dancing partner Charlie White, our love for Maksyl still won't die. Shall We Dance has our full permission to toy with our hearts and let us get wrapped up in the PR brainchild that is the showmance of Maks and Meryl all over again.

For what it's worth, Maks is more of a guest star. It's Meryl and Charlie who will be icing and dancing together. Maks is probably going to be paired with Sharna Burgess.

But for now, let's indulge in our fantasies, shall we? There are a handful of moments that Maksyl executed on the dance floor that would be ice-tacular (yeah, I did that) to see yet again. There were some moments from Dancing With The Stars Season 18 that deserve to not only be recreated — but recreated on ice, because everything is more magical when you're figure skating. So, shall we dance?

Their Argentine Tango

Dancing With The Stars on YouTube

An ice tango is the only thing better than an actual tango.

The Rumba

Dancing With The Stars on YouTube

It was sooooo A Streetcar Named Desire. You can almost hear Maks silently shouting, "MERYYYYYYYYL!" Streetcar is one of those plays that doesn't exactly beg to get an ice rendition, but if it's rumba-ified and executed by Maskyl, then LET'S DO THIS.

The Waltz

Dancing With The Stars on YouTube

"Shall we dance?" Yes, we shall, and we shall do it while in our most romantic Cinderella-esque ball gowns, pretending that love is real when it's totally not. Waltzes make us believe in love.

The Foxtrot


They practically kissed and they practically got a perfect score. That is a recipe for the ice, is it not?

The Freestyle (Or As I Call It, "Borderline Softcore Porn-ing With The Stars")

Dancing With The Stars on YouTube

This was the hottest, steamiest moment the two had that solidified the fact that they would not only seize the Mirrorball, but the feral imaginations of fan fic writers across the nation, as well. This dance, while smoky as it is, just brings to mind one concern: could the blades on figure skates pose any possible... dangers?

Come to think of it, a lot of these dances might not work so well with blades attached to the duo's shoes. But hey, that's what ice choreographers are for, right?

Image: kbnello/Tumblr