Kate Hudson Wears Sparkly Jumpsuit to Armani Privé Show in Paris, World Goes Crazy

Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week kicked off just a few days ago, and already we’ve been blessed with some pretty amazing looks and high-profile celeb appearances to obsess over. Whether it’s insane (but beautiful) maternity bridal wear and Kendall Jenner in feathers on the Chanel Couture runway; Jennifer Lopez rocking an envelope-pushing dress-jumpsuit hybrid at Atelier Versace; or Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson, Charlize Theron, and more battling it out for the best-dressed star at the Dior Couture show, the first few days of the annual fashion event have been packed full of nothing but action and unbelievable works of art.

Naturally, Tuesday’s Armani Privé show was no exception. Not only was the runway brimming with red-hot evening gowns and beautifully embellished veils, but the show’s front row wasn’t anything to ignore either, featuring famous faces like Chloe Moretz, Pink, Jared Leto, and the ever-fabulous Kate Hudson. In fact, it was the latter star’s front-row ensemble in particular that really caught my attention — and whether that’s in a good way or a bad way has yet to be decided.

Sporting a Spring ’14 long-sleeved, v-neck jumpsuit drenched in sequin embellishments and adorned with a silk scarf brooch, Hudson’s outfit was undeniably attention-worthy, but the question still remains: Was it a hit or miss?

According to practically everyone else in the world, it was a major hit, with style sites and critics everywhere using words like, "dazzling," "stunning," and "glitz and glam" to describe the gorgeous star's front row look. And with its sparkling metallic effect, alluring lilac hue, and seductively plunging neckline, I can totally see how those descriptions are justified.

But (and maybe this is just me) doesn't the silhouette — with its structure shoulders; hit-at-the-waist, blazer-like bodice; flared, wide-leg trousers; and oversized brooch — read a little '80s grandma? And I love a good messy bun just as much as the next girl, but could we at least try to make sure it's centered?

Look, I'm not saying that Hudson doesn't look drop-dead gorgeous here. I mean, she's the kind of flawless star who can get away with wearing practically anything. All I'm saying is that, just this once, I don't quite see what all the fuss is about. But maybe that's because I'm still so preoccupied with Emma Watson's double dose of amazing style this week in Paris.

Images: VerissimoTV/Instagram; Safriya/Twitter