Another Season, Another Bad Fantasy Suite Date

On Monday night, all of Andi Dorfman's dreams will not come true. The fantasy part of fantasy suite dates for regular Bachelor and Bachelorettes usually mean good, sexy times without the cameras around, but Andi Dorfman has the worst luck with fantasy suite week. The worst.

During her stint on The Bachelor, Andi's night in the fantasy suite is what ultimately made her walk away from the show. It was during the camera-free time with Juan Pablo when she learned what we knew all along: He's a douche. She complained that he doesn't really listen to her concerns, not to mention that he chatted about his overnights with the other women. Yeah, that's definitely what you want to hear when you're trying to be intimate with someone. (That's right, ABC, we know what the fantasy suite is for.) But while Andi's selection of men are much better than JP, unfortunately, it doesn't seem like this season's round of fantasy suite dates will go any better.

In the promo for next week's episode, Andi is crying and confused. Poor thing. I just want this to work out for her, no matter how boring her season may be. Perhaps the source of her tears is another jerk (she seems to really be second-guessing Josh) or maybe she has a Des/Brooks situation on her hands. Remember when Des was in love with Brooks, but he wasn't in love with her? In the preview, Nick sounds like he now has some reservations about the process. Will he break Andi's heart on their overnight date?

Editing is everything, so there's no way to know for sure what exactly is making Andi so upset. It could be something harmless, it could be a renewed bout of emotion after she was told of Eric Hill's death the previous week, it could be because she has no idea who to choose, or it could be because one of the guys does something terrible.

Whatever the reason, though, the one thing I do know is that Andi and fantasy suite dates need to staaahhhp.

Images: ABC; Martha Sorren