'OUAT' 'Frozen' Theory: Kristoff Won't Be Busy Selling Ice & He Might Not Love Anna, Either

Oh, Cappie — how I love thee. From mountain top to valley creek, I'll always remember the time you spent on Greek. Okay, so apparently it turns out that news of Scott Michael Foster being cast as Frozen 's Kristoff in Season 4 of Once Upon A Time has brought back some serious Greek memories. As of late, flashbacks of my days of being totally obsessed with ABC Family's sorority-and-fraternity-themed show and, most importantly, its leading goofball of a man, have flooded to the forefront of my mind. And with the memories of the floppy-haired college boy comes a whole new level of excitement for the endless possibilities of what Cappie, er, Foster will bring to next season of OUAT.

Even though I'm still reeling from the (pleasant) shock that the characters of Frozen are entering Storybrooke, it hasn't stopped me from constantly thinking about how they'll mesh in with the rest of the fairytales. Will Elsa be good, or will she be our new anti-villain? Which Storybrooke crowd is she going to fall into? Will she have a love interest? (Fingers crossed for Mulan.) Is Olaf even going to make a snowy appearance? And what about Anna? Will she be married to Hans instead of Kristoff? Or even worse, will Anna not even know who Kristoff is? But most importantly, what is Kristoff going to do for a living? He can't seriously be selling ice; it's a bad market, after all.

Given the fact that OUAT has taken the liberty to put whatever spin they want on classic fairytales, it's not too farfetched to predict that things will be a little, well, farfetched. Take a look at a few of the possible routes the OUAT writers could go in when it comesto Kristoff's story lines and potential professions.

Kristoff's Plots:

He can communicate with animals

When it comes to animated movies, it's pretty much the norm to see humans communicating with animals, so it might be fun to see our live-action version of Kristoff chatting up some squirrels. Think of the mischief!

Elsa ensnares Kristoff in her sticky, frozen webs of love

Ugh. I don't want this to be true, but what if Elsa isn't all that nice and steals Anna's one true love? Sibling rivalry always makes things more interesting. Also, Kristoff loves ice and Elsa is basically ice, so it only makes sense.

He'll be named Sven instead of Kristoff


Okay, so this isn't an actual thought-out plot point, but it's definitely a based-in-truth element that could be added to the TV show. Anyone else remember when Olaf got confused and thought Sven the reindeer and Kristoff were both named Sven?

Kristoff's Professions:

He's a hairdresser

I mean, with that hair, he's definitely got the right credentials.

He's the Leslie Knope of Storybrooke

We all know that Kristoff is outdoorsy, so why not make him the head of the Parks and Recreation Department?

He's a rockstar

gidget22 on YouTube

It turns out that Foster is musically inclined, and since all of Frozen is musically inclined, he could totally be the musician of the town.

He runs the animal rescue center and/or the stables.

Adorable. I'm voting for this one. Plus, last time I checked, OUAT totally has stables, so who's even running them? Kristoff, that's who.

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