The Emmys Killed Him All Over Again

The Emmy nominations are in, and there's one name that's been left off of the list of nominees that's literally killing me. Like, is it cool if gouge my eyes out (metaphorically, I mean)? And make no mistake — that reference is very intentional, since Game of Thrones' Pedro Pascal's Emmy snub is basically like his death scene all over again. Many fans are likely enduring the same exact heartbreak that they endured when Oberyn Martell's life came to an end this season, because WHY, Emmys, WHY? How could you snub such a talented man who played one of the best written characters on Game of Thrones?

How could the Emmy's forget Oberyn's impassioned quest to avenge his sister's death? Or his incredible jousting skills? Or that literally eye-popping death, that made many fans react in a way that they hadn't reacted since the notorious Red Wedding? Basically, the Emmys decided to be The Mountain, that enormous behemoth, capable of destroying a single vision: that of Oberyn Martell.

Now, needless to say, the Emmys did get some things right with Game of Thrones like Lena Headey's and Peter Dinklage's well-deserved nominations, but c'mon! Couldn't Pascal have gotten a spot for guest actor in a drama series?

Well, okay, Emmys. If you want Oberyn fans to re-live his death scene, then, fine, let's do it:


But we'll always have this piece of imaginary magic to assuage our feelings:

Images: HBO; antman8o8, thomasmuelller/Tumblr; Gfycat