Soon You'll Be Able to Watch Their Tour at Home

For the unfortunate portion of the population who plummeted into a deep depression upon discovering that they couldn't score tickets to the On the Run Tour, and then had their lives completely destroyed by "Coming Never," the two evil words that came at the end of Jay Z and Beyoncé's On the Run trailer, now is the time to rejoice! Two shows from Beyoncé and Jay Z's On the Run Tour will air on HBO in September, providing salvation to your musical souls.

The special will include two of Mr. and Mrs. Carter's Paris performances at the Stade de France and will feature over 40 songs. This will be a huge step up from HBO's 10-part Beyoncé concert special, which is basically the equivalent of a Mrs. Carter Show IV drip.This announcement makes the question of whether the On the Run tour would tank appear more ridiculous than it sounded in the first place. Far be it for Bey and Jay to allow a bunch of unflattering headlines about their personal lives to stop them from reaching their goal of worldwide domination.

But still, the thirst for the promotional video for the Run Tour to become a full-fledged film probably still exists, particularly amongst those of us who were ready to pre-order tickets based off of an imaginary film. Maybe this newest HBO special will help to remedy the outbreak of extreme Beyoncé and Jay Z dehydration that ran rampant among those who actually signed the Change.org petition for the trailer to get the full Hollywood treatment.

Worse case scenario is this announcement will create mass frenzy all over again and the demand for the On the Run promo to run longer than a measly three minutes and 45 seconds will skyrocket, prompting Beyoncé fans to resort to extreme measures to have that damn film made already! It's so kind of Beyoncé and Jay Z to give us an up close and personal view of what life is like on the run, but I have a feeling this HBO special will have even more petitioners on the watch.