Is Robin Thicke Trying to Get Paula Patton Back or Trolling Us? A Timeline Of His Attention-Seeking Behavior

Watch out, Ashton Kutcher. There might be a new prankster in town. Or at least we sure hope so! With his latest escapades to win Paula Patton back, Robin Thicke may be trolling us all. His relentless efforts to be romantic could be material for a future episode of Punk'd, instead of evidence for a potential restraining order. At first his attempts to get his wife back were endearing, but now it's just become creepy. He's starting to seem like quite a stalker, unless the two are actually secretly back together and this is just a way to promote his album. Anything is possible, right?

Okay, okay. So there's no proof that his bizarre behavior is an act for attention, but his most recent endeavor makes me really wonder if Thicke is up to something. Robin Thicke teamed up with 1-800-FLOWERS to create bouquets. For real. Any time someone purchases one of his flower sets, they also score a free download of his new album Paula. What a steal! Oh wait, it's actually not that great of a bargain, considering these "exclusive" flowers are pretty pricey.

It's hard to know what to think so to help figure it out, here's a timeline of all the times Thicke's actions seemed more like a publicity stunt than a sincere apology:

February 2014: Sends Paula tons of flowers

Soon after the two first separated, Thicke sent Patton gigantic floral arrangements. TMZ dubbed it "floral assault," and although that sounds extreme, his bouquet bombardment really was a bit much.

May 2014: Performs "Get Her Back" at the Billboard Awards

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

What better opportunity to broadcast his attempt at winning back his wife than an award show stage? Thicke not only performed the song, but also thanked Patton for "putting up with him" when he won the award for Top R&B Song.

June 2014: Announces he's naming his album Paula

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Who names an album after their estranged wife? Who? That's creepy and definitely not cute. This is when he first announced the album and his grand scheme really went into full swing.

Premieres "Get Her Back" music video

Of course the song is titled "Get Her Back," because that's clearly what he's trying to do. But the video is pretty much terrifying. Watch for yourself to see why we can't take him seriously! Next time, he should ask John Legend for advice about how to write a successful love song.

Delivers a crying apology at the BET Awards

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Yet another award show where he took the opportunity to publicly apologize to Patton. Before singing another song off the Paula album, he told the crowd, "I’d like to dedicate this song to my wife, and say, ‘I miss you, and I’m sorry.’" He also stopped mid-song to sniffle.

July 2014: Releases his album

Nope, turns out no one wanted it! On July 1, his album came out and did not do well at all. Unsurprisingly, people don't really want to hear him try winning Paula back yet again. Apparently it sold less than 54 copies in Australia.

Teams up with 1-800-FLOWERS

For only $349.99, this bouquet inspired by his song guarantees you'll get her back. Hmm, not so sure about that. If anyone sent me Robin Thicke flowers, I'd run the other way!

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