Hey Eva, We've Got Your Maternity Style Picked Out

So unless you're hanging out under a rock at the bottom of the ocean with SpongeBob and Patrick, you're aware that Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling are expecting their first child. A Gosling spawn is on the way, and I can't even.

Well, yes, technically, it's a Gendes (Mosling?) spawn, and this kid hit the genetic jackpot with that DNA — all our very scientific investigations into what their baby will look like points to "adorable." I do wonder if Baby Gosling will inherit mommy's signature mole, but I must admit that I still always harbored some sort of hope that Gosling would father a child with his ex and other star of The Notebook, Rachel McAdams. It's ancient history, I know, but they were too cute (and Canadian) together. Who cares that they allegedly hated each other on set? So while we've yet to get a peek at Mendes's baby bump, I am fairly certain that she is dressing dat thang up as stylishly as she normally is when in public.

Mendes is a smokin' hot bombshell at 40. She tends to favor smoky eyes and nude, glossy lips — like J. Lo — on the red carpet, and she usually looks seven shades of sexy and flawless. So I am thinking her el prego style will be equally slamming and that the last few months of her gestation — she is rumored to be seven months in — will find her snazzily attired and comfy, to boot.

These are some maternity styles that I could totally (and would like to) see the future mom, whose pregnancy news dwarfed everything else I wanted to talk about this week, wear.

1. A Maternity Maxi

The Charlie Jade Sleeveless Keyhole Detail Maternity Maxi in cobalt blue is as stylish and as summery as its name is long. Plus, it has all the room and give as any regular maxi. It's still fashionable with the adorbs peekaboo detail, and would pop perfectly against Mendes's olive skin. ($168,

2. Short, Striped, Sleeveless

Mendes often works it with short dresses that show off her legs, so this Three Dots cap-sleeved and striped number would look amaze on her. It's such a summery and loose sundress and doesn't yell, "Yo! I'm wearing a maternity dress! Can you tell?" ($128,

3. A Belted LBD

Suppose hot mama Mendes has to accompany her baby daddy to an event, since they are, you know, Hollywood A-listers, or she has something of her own to promote? This belted and sleeveless mini is simple but stylish. Plus, even a preggers gal needs an LBD for a night out. ($129.99,

4. Denim Baby Love

Denim skirts are timeless and classic, so this Secret Fit Belly maternity skirt should be a staple in her preggers wardrobe. It's simple, comfy, and looks good. What else does a mom-to-be need? Wait, don't answer that... ($49.99,

5. Maternity Skinnies

Dark-rinse maternity skinnies that hit at the ankle are so chic, paired with a clingy top that hugs the baby bump everyone wants to see. The added bonus is that they can be worn with heels (although the height pictured feels a bit risky, since mom is carrying precious cargo) or flats. ($39.98, A Pea in the Pod (3); Destination Maternity (2)